Month: April 2021

Acucote expands its Insights educational program

Acucote, a manufacturer of pressure-sensitive adhesive coatings, continued to expand its Acucote Insights program with two additional educational blogs. As brand owners seek long-term sustainable solutions, customers have turned to Acucote for sustainable materials. Acucote Insights #2 provides a brief description of what constitutes an FSC-certified material and how Acucote can help processors with these […]

Legislator opens educational aid for middle school students

NIGS. Fifth District Representative Marilou Arroyo. (File photo) FIFTH District representative Marilou Arroyo confirmed the opening of requests for academic aid to college students. Through Arroyo’s initiative, college students in Negros Occidental’s Fifth District can now apply for educational assistance to meet their schooling-related financial needs. Arroyo said the program is part of his office’s […]

The legislator opens educational aid to students

NEGROS. Representative of the fifth district Marilou Arroyo. (File photo) The representative of the FIFTH District, Marilou Arroyo, confirmed the opening of requests for educational assistance to college students. Thanks to Arroyo’s initiative, college students in Negros Occidental Fifth District can now apply for education assistance to meet their financial needs for schooling. Arroyo said […]

UMN Crookston Announces New Alcohol Education Program and Policy – ​​Page 1

The University of Minnesota Crookston has unveiled a transformational new campus alcohol policy. The policy is intended to be a comprehensive educational strategy informed by theory and research to help educate UMN Crookston students on how to make healthy alcohol-related decisions. “This is a key component of a comprehensive alcohol education program for students,” said […]

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