7 Negrense scholars in Japan receive educational aid

NIGS. The parents of seven Negrense scholars in Japan receive educational assistance from the provincial government of Negros Occidental represented by provincial administrator Rayfrando Diaz II on Wednesday, March 2. (Capitol Photo)

SEVEN newly graduated scholarship recipients from Miyakonojo Higashi High School in Japan have received educational assistance from the provincial government of Negros Occidental in the amount of 996,000 pesos.

Attorney for Provincial Administrator Rayfrando Diaz II led the transfer of assistance to parents of scholarship recipients to the HOD Boardroom at the Provincial Capitol in the City of Bacolod on Wednesday, March 2.

Trishia Marie Lucio and Faustinne Mar Bulanon received 218,000 pesos each while Lorraine Tudillo, Curly Joyce Palacios, Reneleen Apatan, Mark Doriman and Helena Gasataya received 112,000 pesos each.

The academic aid will be used to cover their other expenses such as admission, entrance, registration and visa fees as well as the initial deposit at their boarding schools.

Lucio will study at the Asia-Pacific University of Oita and will take Asia-Pacific studies; Bulanon will enroll in the University of Tsuru and pursue English literature; while Tudillo, Palacios, Apatan, Doriman and Gasataya will enter the Houshin School of Healthcare in the city of Miyakonojo and complete a two-year course in professional care.

These students will work part-time in Japan to support themselves.

The Miyakonojo Higashi Scholarship Program is one of the scholarship categories overseen by the Negros Occidental Scholarship Program Division.

The parents thanked the provincial government for the scholarship granted to their children and for the academic assistance which will surely help them to begin their journey as college students in Japan.

Diaz said he was impressed and proud of the way scholars behaved in Japan, especially adapting to Japanese language and culture.

He assured the parents of the scholarship recipients that they are all in safe hands with the great partnership of the provincial government and Miyakonojo Higashi High School, and that the governor is 100% behind the scholarship program.

“Scholars have a bright future after graduation, and the imagination is the limit as to how bright their future will be,” the provincial administrator said.

He expressed his optimism that the provincial government will be able to send more scholars to study in Japan to give them access to international education and open up more employment opportunities for young Negrense. (PR)

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