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SANYA, October 20. / TASS /. The Institute for International Education Programs has officially started working at the Lian Experimental Zone for International Education and Innovation in Lingshui County in Hainan, reports the Hainan Daily.

According to the newspaper, the project will provide 86 students with a one-semester internship. Among the students studying there is He Ye, a graduate of Beijing Sports University. She had completed an internship in the United States during her undergraduate studies and was planning to study abroad for her Masters. However, due to the pandemic, she changed her mind and decided to study in China.

“Sino-foreign cooperative education projects have now appeared in Hainan, so it is no longer necessary to go abroad to receive international education. It’s a great opportunity, ”said He Ye.

This cooperative educational program was created by Peking Sports University in collaboration with the University of Alberta in Edmond, Canada. According to the Hainan Daily, four teachers from Canada are already filling out the program papers and plan to arrive in Hainan in late October.

About the project

Construction of the Lian Experimental Zone for International Education and Innovation in Lingshui County began in September 2020 and is expected to be completed by fall 2022. Its area is approximately 12.72 square kilometers. and is located in the south-eastern part of Hainan Island. The main objective of the project is to create a platform of cooperation between Chinese and foreign universities, top-notch educational services, develop innovations in the field of education, as well as attract foreign universities for manage local educational institutions.

Currently, eight Chinese higher education institutions are participating in this educational project, including Peking University, Peking Sports University, China University of Communication (Beijing), Nankai University (Tianjin), Southeastern University (Nanjing) and National Central University (Wuhan). Their overseas partners consist of 12 universities, including Coventry University and Glasgow University (UK), University of Alberta (Canada), Rutgers University, Rice University and the University of Michigan (United States).

The campus is home to educational institutions and various infrastructure for common use, including a library, university buildings and a stadium.

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