Academic Council Approves DU Skills Enhancement Program

The University of Delhi (DU) on its centenary is set to launch the Skills Enhancement Program (CES) and implement the National Education Policy 2020 (NEP) from of the 2022-23 academic year, in order to achieve the objectives of the NEP. This scheme also gained approval from the University’s Academic Council meeting today.

The objective of this system is also to increase student mobility by giving students admitted to other Universities or Institutions the possibility of studying one or two courses per semester without enrolling in any DU course.

The program will launch early next year (2023) as part of the university’s centenary celebrations and will be open to undergraduate and postgraduate courses.

The Competitive Enhancement Program is a program that provides an opportunity for people from different fields to study at DU to enhance their knowledge and understanding in any subject taught at Delhi University. This program will also allow students from other universities/institutions to study in some of the DU courses.

According to Professor Yogesh Singh, Vice-Chancellor, DU, the purpose of this program is to increase the efficiency of individuals by providing them with new information. He said that under this program, entrepreneurs will be able to grow their business by learning new skills and technologies. Likewise, studying management courses will improve the managerial skills of lower and middle level management personnel. Those who could not acquire the required qualification earlier due to socio-economic conditions or any shortage during this period, they will be able to fulfill their dreams of obtaining higher education through this program.

Singh further added that senior citizens will continue to play an important role in improving their qualifications, knowledge and skills under this program and will upgrade themselves using modern tools instead of the traditional system.

Regarding eligibility, DU VC mentioned that anyone who meets the specified minimum eligibility criteria and essential requirements, if any, for an existing course can register for this course. However, admission will be based on the availability of places and on the basis of merit. “The number of places in a course available for this program will be up to a maximum of 10% of the total class size in that course. There will be a supernumerary provision of those 10% places in the course,” Singh said.

Enrollment in any course will be on the basis of merit. An applicant who is already enrolled as a regular student or employed staff at another university/institution will need to take the NOC from the parent university or institution or its employer, as applicable, and submit it at the time of registration. in DU. The registration of candidates for the specific course will only be valid for this semester.

Students who do not pass or complete a course will need to re-enroll in the course if they want to earn credit from that course and obtain the corresponding certificate. A candidate may register for a maximum of two courses or eight credits per session. Teaching or instruction will be provided in the same mode and medium as available to regular students and the assessment model for these candidates will also be the same as for regular students.

Fees payable to candidates enrolling in these courses will be determined by the University from time to time based on operational and functional requirements. Candidates enrolled in one or two courses will receive a certificate after completion of the course according to the standards prescribed by the University and his earned credit will be transferred to his account at the Academic Credit Bank.

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