AHR Expo 2022 educational sessions announced

The AHR Expo (International Air-Conditioning, Heating, Refrigerating Exposition) has announced the full program of the AHR Expo 2022 educational program. The program includes nearly 200 free seminars, presentations of new products and technologies, professional certifications and continuing education courses.

After a forced hiatus in 2021, the training program will be an important opportunity for participants to keep abreast of what is happening in the industry.

The AHR Expo 2022 will be held from January 31 to February 2 at the Las Vegas Convention Center in LasVegas, NV. To register, please visit the AHR Expo registration website.

“The training program aims to complement the attendees’ experience at the show,” said Show Director Mark Stevens. “Our manufacturers fill the hall with all the latest products and technologies in their exhibits and our speakers build on that in areas that support professional career development, training and up-to-date industry information.”

Each year the education program addresses some of the The biggest opportunities and challenges of HVACR through a series of comprehensive, informative, industry-focused sessions led by leaders from all sectors of the industry. Back this year, the AHR Expo HVACR trend discussions led by members of the AHR Expo Expert Council. In addition, a round table will be added to the list this year featuring industry leadership which will dive into the current state of the industry. Panelists include moderator Bryan Orr, host of the popular HVAC School podcast; Mick Schwedler, President of ASHRAE; Stephen Yurek, President and CEO of AHRI; Talbot Gee, CEO of HARDI; Roberta MacGillivray, 2022 President of NAFA; and Rob Falke, President of NCI. The panel is scheduled for Tuesday February 1 at 10:00 am in room N238 / 240.

“We are delighted to open a forum for our industry leaders who represent organizations from all sectors of the industry,” Stevens continued. “Our goal is to create a show that connects people and conversations that don’t necessarily happen every day and we are honored that our panelists share this value. Having representatives from all of our professional sectors come together to discuss the past two years during the pandemic and all that has come out of it both positive and negative – within the industry is an incredibly valuable and necessary tool for achieve the community approach that we must continue to strengthen this industry.

We are excited to expand our training program to include panel discussion and look forward to hearing from these industry leaders at the show.

Education sessions

Salon 2022 will feature 65 free sessions led by industry experts from leading organizations. Sessions will last one to two hours and will aim to provide solutions to some of the industry’s most pressing challenges and exciting opportunities. Participants are encouraged to attend general sessions related to CVC, as well as those specific to areas of professional practice.

“It’s easy to get isolated in the details of day-to-day work,” said Kimberly Pires, AHR Expo Education Program Coordinator. “Working with our associations to build the program provides the opportunity to see the similarities that every professional faces in the industry. As we develop the program each year, we aim not only to offer specific solutions, but also to identify the commonalities that we all face and to offer diverse perspectives from all the voices that work and serve HVACR. This type of information is invaluable for the long-term professional growth of businesses and individuals. “

Participants can see pre-session videos some of the highlights from the 2022 education program on the education section of the AHR Expo homepage.

Additional highlights of the AHR Expo 2022 free seminar session program include:

State of the HVACR Industry Roundtable: Today’s market, challenges, opportunities and the future. Executives from across the industry discuss the state of the HVACR industry. Moderator Bryan Orr, host of the popular HVAC School podcast, will lead the discussion with Mick Schwedler, ASHRAE President; Stephen Yurek, President and CEO of AHRI; Talbot Gee, CEO of HARDI; Roberta MacGillivray, 2022 President of NAFA; and Rob Falke, President of NCI. Attendees will get an overview of the current state of affairs regarding all things HVACR in the various sectors that make up the industry. Topics include pandemic, supply chain, climate and sustainability, innovation, as well as a deep dive into the most pressing needs, threats and opportunities for HVACR.

  • General Industry-Wide Topics: How to be human in a technical world in order to be more productive, happier and to succeed Set the stage by looking at the economic and business drivers of the HVAC market ○ Psychrometry without tears… Everything you always wanted to know about the air and more !
  • Engineering: Intellectual property protections for your hottest and coolest HVACR innovations; 5 essential general skills for engineers.
  • Rules updates: Construction standards for HVAC ducts – Metal and flexible; Industry transition to A2L refrigerants: where are we and where are we going?
  • Hydronic: 5G hydronic systems: air-cooled or water-cooled HVAC systems: tools for selecting the right cooling system; With chilled beams, safer air doesn’t have to cost you more; Electrification and decarburization, HVAC and water (carrying out beneficial electrification); Solar thermal and hydronic system technology.
  • Focused on entrepreneurs: How to prevent recalls and warranty returns; The Changing Lead Generation and Sales Process in the HVAC Industry
  • Specialized practices: How to Win at Buzzword Bingo and Succeed in the Age of AI in the HVACR World; High Speed ​​Low Speed ​​Fans (HVLS): Updates on COVID Guidelines and Federal Energy Regulations
  • Free ASHRAE sessions – Free (get PDH credits): Thermal and hydraulic performance of low GWP refrigerants; Industry transition to A2L refrigerants: where are we and where are we going? ; System stability and contaminant control with low GWP refrigerants; Decarbonization as it applies to appliance and equipment standards.
  • Additional opportunities to earn free PDHs in one hour sessions: Need for filtration on open cooling systems; Basics of balance and fan vibration; On-site modifications of fire dampers, smoke dampers and combined fire / smoke dampers; Sessions hosted by AMCA.
  • Industry trends: Smart women, smarter buildings; Embedded and Lifetime Carbon – The New Metric for HVAC Equipment and Refrigerant; Role of boilers in the era of decarbonization
  • Return sessions: Fundamentals of water treatment in cooling towers; Manage employees to stay; Building Systems Integration 101: Welcome to the Jungle


AHR Expo attendees have the opportunity to participate in professional development courses through the ASHRAE Learning Institute (ALI) and approved short-term professional development courses / seminars for continuing education units ( CEU) which may apply to the maintenance of the license to practice. Participants are required to register and pay tuition fees in advance of the show and can do so by visiting the ASHRAE registration website. Full-day courses represent six hours of Professional Development (PDH) / Learning Units (UL) or 0.6 CEUs. All half-day courses receive three accredited PDH / AIA LUs.

The subjects cover a wide range of industry topics, including the fundamentals of the commissioning process, meeting the requirements of ASHRAE standards, the basics of laboratory design and beyond, optimizing indoor environments and more.


Attendees are also encouraged to attend exhibitor presentations in the New Product & Technology Theater. Over 100 presentations of approximately 20 minutes each are scheduled over the three days of the Show. These free seminars are intended to provide attendees with a brief overview of announcements of new products and technologies that can be found at the exhibitors’ booths at the show. Attendees are encouraged to follow the presentations with a visit to the booth for a more in-depth explanation and 1: 1 interaction with products and representatives. These sessions will take place in special rooms directly on the exhibition floor. No fees or registration are required.

This year, three winners of the 2022 Innovation Prize will present, including the first:

Carrier – Make the invisible visible with the Abound cloud platform;

den – AntrumX ™: How centralized IAQ detection leads to healthier and more efficient measurable buildings

Danfoss – Danfoss Turbocor Innovation Compressor®: Low GWP R1233zd with patented hybrid compression design

Attendees can view the full AHR Expo 2022 educational program schedule in the education section of the AHR Expo website.. The MyShowPlanner tool is available to help attendees create personalized trade show calendars. Attendees can also hire Breezy, the new AI Chatbot assistant on the show website.

In addition, participants are encouraged to download the MyShowPlanner application for iOS and Android to manage their schedule of entertainment and education programs. Details and instructions for downloading the 2022 AHR Expo app will be posted closer to the show and available on the AHR Expo website.

“We’re ready to rock and host a stellar show in Vegas,” Stevens continued. “We have been planning this time for so long and are so encouraged by the enthusiasm of the exhibitors, attendees and everyone who makes this Show a success every year. We promise to host an event like never before and it will only get better as this industry continues to grow through innovation. We can’t wait to see what you discover at AHR Expo.

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