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Quickly create programs for distance learning in the post-COVID world, avoid zoom fatigue by immersing learners in an interactive and realistic virtual environment

Virtual reality offers students the ability to feel inside the 3D program and control what they see. Students learn from multiple sources and bring objects to life, virtually”

— Mary Reynolds, Education Group IT Manager

SAN JOSE, CALIFORNIA, USA, Aug. 19, 2021 / — During the pandemic, students across the country have been excluded from critical educational experiences due to school closures. Experiential learning, such as field trips, laboratory courses, and vocational and technical education, important for building knowledge, suffered the most. To fill the void during this critical time, AirV Labs, a leading company in virtual reality technology, has leveraged its breakthrough mixed reality software program to launch VR-powered K-12 lesson plans that combine 360-degree videos with instructional content for an immersive, real-world learning experience.

“Working with several Illinois school districts, we have developed a suite of mixed reality-based lessons on our patent-pending AirVu Collab™ platform,” said Faisal Yazadi, CEO of AirV Labs. “For example, we have trained students in automotive techniques, safety measures in the physics and chemistry laboratory. A particular lesson [VR Soils Curriculum] takes students on a virtual journey to an agricultural field to teach soil types.

The AirVu platform extends from advanced virtual reality headsets to computer monitors and mobile phones, making access to virtual reality much more affordable and widely available. Select lessons are now available to all Illinois schools and can be downloaded through the Illinois Department of Innovation and Technology’s STEAM website.

“Virtual reality gives students the ability to feel inside the 3D program and control what they see,” said Mary Reynolds, CIO of the Education Group in the Department of Innovation and Technology at the University. ‘Illinois. “This technology allows students to learn from multiple sources through a single platform and brings objects to life virtually,” said Reynolds.

At the 2021 Illinois State Fair in Springfield, AirV Labs is demonstrating its compelling technologies in the Tech Prairie STEAM exhibit located in the Orr Building. Here, AirV Labs officially launched VR Collaborator Club™, a subscription-based membership program that allows school districts to develop custom content and share it with other schools across the network. Schools may be eligible for ESSER funding to develop VR content, purchase VR devices, and equip labs to support students with special needs. For those interested in a live demo or to discuss specific educational goals with the software engineering team, please visit our booth or visit our website to contact us.

“I am excited about the potential of using virtual reality to prepare students for the future by creating new environments in the digital world that provide students and teachers with realistic 3D virtual spaces where they can collaborate, build and learn,” said Joseph Fatheree, Illinois. 2007 Teacher of the Year. “The opportunity to work with the AirV Labs team last year to create a virtual store that vocational and technical students could use during distance learning was a giant leap forward. in that direction,” added Fatheree.

About AirV Laboratories
AirV Labs is a global leader in rapid creation of mixed reality content for advanced human-centric applications. The founders have over 45 years of experience developing VR-based solutions, including 360-degree video capture overlaid with rich interactive media. AirV Labs quickly built a portfolio of brands in industry, including healthcare, education and industrial applications. The company licenses proprietary VR technology developed at the University of Illinois. Product offerings include the patent-pending AirVu™ platform, among others.

AirV Labs operates worldwide with headquarters located in San Jose, California, the capital of Silicon Valley, an R&D office at the University of Illinois Enterprise Works campus in Champaign, IL with offices in Mumbai, Bengaluru, and a global development center based in Jaipur, India.

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