All You Need To Know About Illam Thedi Kalvi Educational Pr

The Tamil Nadu government’s ‘Illam Thedikalvi’ program has so far recruited 1.03 lakh volunteers. The spread of corona has led to delays in opening schools in Tamil Nadu. During this time, only instructional television and the Internet were used to teach students. In this context, the government of Tamil Nadu has launched a program named “Illam Thedi Kalvi” to bridge the learning gap between kindergarten and eighth graders.

Volunteers will undertake educational activities for students in the evenings after school hours, according to the plan. Volunteers interested in helping on the ground are welcome to apply, according to the Department of Education. As a result, many people are lining up to apply for this position. So far, one lakh three thousand five hundred and forty eight people have applied to work as volunteers. There were 81,442 women among them. Those interested in applying can do so online at, according to education officials.

Veeramani said, “Tamil Nadu has a stable government. I am happy that the government of Tamil Nadu is introducing the Dravidian education program as a home-seeking education program. Appointments of MPs Only the State of Tamil Nadu has the authority to appoint MPs.”

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