Amasaman MP donates Siamese twins surgery, announces scholarship

Amasaman Constituency MP Akwasi Owusu Afrifa donated 5,000 GH ¢ for the operation to be performed by the Greater Accra Regional Hospital on the Siamese twins at the head.

The MP and his wife, Dora Afrifa, made the donation during a visit to the twins at the Greater Accra (Ridge) Regional Hospital. The couple also announced a scholarship for the twins when they reach school age.

“Looking at the situation, we need money to have them undergo surgery and as a contribution to that I am giving them today, through the doctors, 5,000 GH ¢.

“We have the most enjoyable, state-of-the-art basic education at Medie, Blue Ribbon Academy. We will give scholarships to these children from the day they start school until the day they finish, ”he said.

Siamese twins defied all odds of seeing daylight as around 60% of Siamese twins in the head, unfortunately, die in the womb and 35% die within 24 hours of birth, leaving only 5% who survive until surgery.

He thanked the doctors at the Greater Accra Regional Hospital (Ridge), “for the services you have rendered to them. [the twins], looking at the interaction you have with them, [I can see] you took them as your own, God bless you for the services you render to mother Ghana and to these children.

The MP’s wife, Dora Afrifa, for her part called on all women, especially mothers, to show their love to the twins by donating a token for the operation.

Amasaman MP donates Siamese twins surgery, announces scholarship

“I was so touched this morning when I saw my babies. The babies are healthy but when you see their condition they need help so I appeal to mothers this is the time for us to show love to these babies.

“They need us the most right now, let’s show our love as God tells us because they need us, come on board and help us,” she pleaded.

She noted that twins can become important people; “Doctors, big farmers, teachers and the like, so please show some love to these kids. “

Ms Afrifa said she was optimistic that Ghanaians will show love to babies.

To underscore his wife’s call, the MP also called on “everyone, corporate institutions, churches, businesses, politicians and everyone” to join the godly path.

“Nothing is too small, they need some pampering, they need baby food and a lot of stuff, so whatever you have to help these kids, please bring it “, did he declare.

Amasaman MP donates Siamese twins surgery, announces scholarship

He further indicated that benefactors can also send their contribution via the “mobile money number 0550-613 553 or 0270-007 786” which bears the name of Samuel Addo who is the father of the twins and he will be well recognized and God will bless you.

“Nothing is too small, even 1.00 Gh ¢ is acceptable for these children,” he stressed.

Meanwhile, doctors at the Greater Accra (Ridge) Regional Hospital are fighting against time to separate the Siamese babies.

However, it will be the first time that doctors at the hospital have performed such a specialized operation.

The Siamese twins are united at the head and need GH ¢ 3,000,000 for a series of surgeries that allow them to live independently.

A Ridge Hospital neurosurgeon, Dr Samuel Kaba Akoriyea, said that “there is a bone defect because the brains are attached and you have to work on it. If we are able to separate them successfully, which we hope, then we should have enough skin to cover ourselves. “

According to him, “A minimum of 4-5 surgery steps will be necessary because when you view the image the first thing you see is their heads are attached.

“Again, they have a lot of blood vessels going up now and the longer you wait, the more they get tangled up and it gets harder,” he added.

The phenomenon of Siamese twins at the head occurs once in 2.5 million births.

Parents of babies Samuel Addo and Judge Bansah said they were grateful to Ghanaians for the support provided so far.

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