Are skills becoming a priority in our education system?

This says a lot about the quality of our education system, which is 80% theory with little exposure to real situations and practical experience. In our system, the emphasis is even more on the granting of degrees or diplomas and less on the development of skills. When The Hans India spoke to people on the matter, almost all pointed to the need to impart industry-appropriate skills to students through measures such as internships, intense practical training, etc.,

Having a degree alone will certainly not be enough. What is needed is the expertise to adapt to a new environment, a new workspace and the skills required for the industry. Whether it is for entrepreneurs or job seekers, the skills and intelligence to adapt to a new environment and show talent in the company one enters and makes a huge difference.

For this to become a reality, the transmission of skills must go hand in hand with the curriculum in order to add value to the certificates that students receive after completing the main streams. The problem of unemployment could be solved as a whole if the education system worked to bridge the wide gap between industrial needs and academic goals.

– Jyothiraditya Dattu Dora, Student, Vignan Institute of Information Technology, Visakhapatnam

After the introduction of fee reimbursement for students in vocational courses, all places in engineering schools are filling up. But the quality of education has deteriorated.

Although AP Skill Development Corporation strives to hone the skills of students, it does not meet the requirement. The government should promote a mechanism whereby students will be channeled into on-the-job education and training at the end of each term while studying at industrial sites. Then only those passed out will have employable skills, career and growth opportunities.

– To Raghunatha Reddy, social activist, Raghavendra commune, Kadapa.

Our education system should focus on developing skills, creativity and a good atmosphere to learn innovative subjects. Due to the lack of professional skills, young people cannot find jobs. Now the time has come to think about reforms in the education system.

Some stand-alone colleges force students to follow their rules and don’t give them the freedom to learn new problems or conduct experiments. This trend is not good either. Educational institutions and the government should focus on innovation and plan the curriculum and course according to the needs of the country and the industrial and service sectors.

– MN Murthy, SGT, Vijayawada.

Skills development is a must for today’s youth to sustain themselves and even provide job opportunities for a few others. Skills development helps a person to come out stronger and give more confidence in their life.

Any class X course or subject at the diploma should also offer courses related to skill development. A big boost is needed for skill development in various trades. The curriculum should consistently give weight to skill development courses.

– V Ravi, State Chairman, Government Junior Lecturers Association, Tirupati

Finding jobs with mere degrees has become impossible in this competitive world. Unless students learn skills in any field that interests them, they cannot find jobs. Governments have already emphasized this aspect and place great importance on skills development courses.

Even several companies offer training in certain skills. Students should focus on this key aspect and take skills development courses alongside their degrees to seize opportunities in the job market.

– Dr D Gopal Reddy, Principal, Govt Junior College, Puttur

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