ASD Secures Over $1 Million in Education Program Contracts | Lehigh Valley Regional News

ALLENTOWN, Pa. — The Allentown School District Board of Trustees approved various vendor contracts Thursday night.

One of these approved contracts is the Lexia Core 5 contract renewal for elementary schools and the Lexia Power Up agreement for middle and high schools.

Core 5 is a program that, according to the district, “accelerates the development of literacy skills for learners at all levels.” The “Power Up” program is a computer-based program for students in grades 6-12 that supports a wide range of students, from struggling readers to near-proficient readers.

What results have the programs produced?

For the 2021-22 school year, Core 5 elementary students “increased from 11% of grade-level working students to 35%,” according to the district. In Power Up, ASD reports a decrease in the percentage of high school students working in basic skills from 83% to 68%.

The district said the agreement was also necessary because “there is an increase in the percentage of students in each study area working in or toward the grade level.”

ASD will pay $166,600 for the elementary agreement and $83,300 for the secondary schools.

Another renewed contract is for the Renaissance Star Reading and Math assessment system. These computer programs are standards-aligned, computer-friendly reading and math assessments. Assessments are implemented in reading and math from kindergarten to grade 11. Specifically, the district says Star Assessments provides individualized student data to support personalized learning and teaching to meet identified student needs.

For these programs, ASD will spend $185,610 on a Star assessment “tool” and an additional $25,000 on project management, for a total of $210,610.

Trustees also approved the purchase of the Voyager Passport Intervention K-5 program. Voyager is a reading intervention program that the district says accelerates student success by targeting the “priority skills and strategies learners need to be fluent and proficient readers.”

The DEA will identify students in kindergarten through fifth grade who will receive “explicit and systematic daily instruction in the passport program during the school day or in extended learning programs.”

The reading intervention program will cost ASD a total of $406,226.80.

Yet another purchase involves Amplify’s mClass Intervention Kit. These kits will be for kindergarten through second graders who will receive “explicit and systematic instruction in small groups and monitoring of progress,” the district noted. The program will help improve reading comprehension. The kits will cost $326,199.30.

In another contract, ASD has reached an agreement with the Lehigh Valley Children’s Center for the latter to provide on-site child care services at William Allen High School and Ritter and Muhlenberg Elementary Schools for the next year. Child care services will be offered between 7:15 a.m. and 3:30 p.m. Before and after child care will be provided in Muhlenberg, while only after-school services will be offered in Ritter.

Main appointments

In addition, the directors approved various staff moves. One included the appointment of Logan Blyler as headmaster of Ramos Elementary School. His first day is scheduled for July 1 and he will receive an annual salary of $107,000.

Another move hired Lisa Brinker as the principal of Ritter Elementary School. Its first day is also July 1. She will earn $105,750 a year.

A final Headmaster endorsement involved Elizabeth Serrano at Roosevelt Elementary School. She will assume the position on July 1 and will be paid $105,750 per year.

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