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Looking to deepen your knowledge and experience in a classic three-day event? You’ll want to mark your calendars for this one!

Photo taken from Lauren Romanelli’s Facebook page.

From November 16-20 in Morriston, Florida, Barnstaple will host an educational program and unrecognized competition (beginner through training) with the goal of using the classic three-day format to further train competitors and listeners. . Professionals such as Peter Gray, Max Corcoran, Leslie Law, Kyle Carter, Lauren Nicholson, Buck Davidson, Jr., Sinead Halpin, Tik Maynard, Dorothy Crowell and Sarah Kozumplik will lead demonstrations and lectures so attendees have the opportunity learn from some of the best professionals in the industry. Participants can then apply this knowledge to their own preparations for the unrecognized event.

Speaking with the event’s Education Coordinator, Dorothy Crowell, it’s clear that this program and competition has been formed around a passion for the education of the event’s horse and rider.

“Riders with a classic three-day experience must learn to schedule fitness, lessons, vet and farrier to coordinate with the three days. They need to learn TPR, how to properly and effectively cool their horses, how to wrap legs, ice after hard work, and know their horses’ legs so they can tell if anything is different, even in a dark stall. They need to understand their horse’s mind, so they know when to ask the hard questions and when to step back, learn to train their horses by hand so they are ready for jogging, understand how important free time is , as well as the importance of long walks to bring them back to work. They must learn how vital their own fitness is, both physical and mental. These are imperative riding skills, whether your goal is to compete in the next local Horse Trial or for Team USA! Dorothy explained.

To further assist riders and the wider equine community, the Barnstaple USEA Educational Program and Classic Three-Day Event works with small businesses through a unique rider sponsorship program. Additionally, the event gives back to beneficiaries such as the Liz Cochran Memorial Groom’s Award and the Ocala Horse Alliance’s Black Stallion Reading Project.

“I’m so thrilled to have talented professionals attaching their names to an educational program that gives back to runners and the community,” Dorothy said.

With pre-registration underway, keep a close eye on the Barnstaple website for more information and other announcements.

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