Biome Makers welcomes a community of experts in a new educational program on soil biology

Biome Makers invites agronomists and consultants to apply to the BeCrop Advisor program, a strong community of soil health and BeCrop technology experts. The program is designed for experienced industry advisors looking to provide informed farming recommendations by decoding soil biology.

BeCrop Advisors (BCAs) have become leading experts in soil health, as they now have the tools to work with growers, retailers and manufacturers to deliver the right solutions to the most pressing challenges faced. farmers face. With knowledge of cutting-edge BeCrop technology, BCAs play a key role in helping growers optimize inputs and participate in the mission of achieving sustainable global agriculture.

BeCrop, a Biome Makers technology, is based on the world’s most comprehensive database of 7.7 million microorganisms and a proprietary bioinformatics pipeline. Using BeCrop technology, BCAs can assess the biological health of soils based on microbiome knowledge of nutrient cycling (macro/micronutrients), early detection of disease risk, stress resistance, biodiversity, And much more.

The BeCrop Advisor certification is granted after completing the required BCA course modules. Unlike other programs that can cost thousands of dollars, this Biome Makers initiative is 100% free with one goal in mind: to improve soil health worldwide by bringing transparency to the agricultural ecosystem. . ACCs can monitor and manage clients through the BeCrop Portal and use the BeCrop Portal Toolkit to compare and contrast reports across time, location and management practices for a given crop.

Benefits of becoming a BeCrop advisor:

  • Science-based recommendations
  • Proprietary tools
  • Free Soil Health Education
  • Connect to local farmers
  • Optimize input costs
  • Functional information about the microbiome

Apply today for the BeCrop Advisor program and find out how you can make a difference!


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