Blair Senior High School Opens Renovated $ 2.1 Million Educational Program

OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) – Blair High School has opened to the public to show off its new, renovated $ 2.1 million educational program facilities.

“It’s pretty cool that the community is willing to invest in this and do it for the kids. “

These programs include welding, technology, carpentry shop and more. $ 450,000 of industrial equipment was donated by several companies and others like Loziers and Metro Community College.

This is partly to give advice and hands of experience to the students.

“Since everything is visible and there are college instructors who really come to the students and their industry based equipment, it gives them the opportunity to pivot and try out different career areas,” Randy said. Gilson.

Teachers at Blair High say the size and new equipment are beneficial to everyone in the classes.

“We didn’t expand the building, but we were able to move some things around to make it a lot safer and easier to teach and give the kids more opportunities,” said Chris Schuler.

Classes don’t start for a week or so, but students like Gregory say he can already see the opportunities he will have with the new gadgets.

He used to work on a small Chromebook. But now the two monitors will make it easier for him.

“On the one hand, you can research how to do a certain thing, on the other hand, you can work on your current project, so it’s very convenient,” said Gregory.

Gilson says it was a team effort to make this dream come true.

“You know, you hear it takes a village, but it really takes a lot of support to advance a student’s career. “

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