Browning’s Juliana Guerrero-Gobert Receives $2,500 CodeWizardsHQ Scholarship | Glacier Journalist

CodeWizardsHQ, the leading online coding school for children and teens, has awarded its annual $2,500 scholarship. The scholarship welcomed over 200 applicants this year and supports students in their pursuit of a college education.

Browning’s Juliana Guerrero-Gobert was chosen for her excellent GPA and commitment to pursuing a career in forensic science. She will be attending the University of Montana in the fall of this year. Juliana hopes to have a positive impact on her Native American community and is a strong advocate for women and minorities in the science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) professional field.

“I think it’s important for children to study STEM subjects because it gives them a deeper understanding of the world, of all the important things that make the world go round and that need to happen for society to thrive. I also think it’s important to diversify STEM, and I hope young people can look up to me or other role models and have the courage to tackle these harder topics that people wouldn’t normally tackle.

CodeWizardsHQ teaches live, online coding lessons to kids ages 8-18. It also offers the only coding internship in real-world high schools after they finish their program. The scholarship is awarded annually as part of their mission to promote STEM education.

“STEM skills are increasingly valued within the workforce, and increased diversity in these areas will lead to continued progress. We encourage students to consider STEM careers and start their studies early. This scholarship is an extension of our mission as a company and we are honored to support Juliana in her pursuit of a university education,” said Jey Iyempandi, Founder of CodeWizardsHQ.

Students must meet the criteria to be eligible for the scholarship, including:

● High school students and new freshmen

● 3.5 or higher GPA

● Priority to STEM applicants

The 2023 scholarship application is currently open at

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