Canine Genetic Screening Test, Veterinary Medicine Graduate Program and More

Here is our regular overview of new and noteworthy veterinary products.

Average dimensions

Anatomical solutions 3D models

Med Dimensions patient-specific 3D models for clinicians, surgeons and students prepare them for their tasks and prevent uncertainty during medical procedures. These innovative tools ensure a faster and safer procedure that can be performed with more confidence. The products fall into 3 categories: Educate, Prepare and Perform.

Embark for vets

Canine genetic screening test

Embark for Veterinarians is designed for providers to educate patients about proactive clinical care and thereby improve outcomes. It seamlessly integrates into the practice’s workflow, allowing vets to obtain dog DNA samples, activate and send the swab to Embark, obtain the patient’s full genetic report, and to receive support from Embark veterinary geneticists.

Temptations Kitten Treats

Treats specially designed for kittens

Temptations Kitten treats are formulated to meet the nutritional needs of growing kittens and support healthy brain development with DHA, but no artificial flavors. Each piece contains less than 2 calories, perfect for daily care, training or as a food garnish. Available in Chicken & Dairy and Salmon & Dairy.

Green Gruff EASE Joint & Hip CBD Supplements

Canine Full Spectrum CBD Chews

EASE Joint & Hip Chews improve joint, hip and connective tissue function. Made with natural ingredients rich in glucosamine and 2.5mg of full-spectrum hemp leaf extract with natural CBD, they are free of wheat, corn, soy and pesticides. Available in coconut pumpkin flavor in a container of 90 pieces.

Training in Veterinary Education, Networking, Support and Advocacy (VENSA)

Graduate Program in Veterinary Medicine

This platform provides new graduates with the clinical, communication and emotional intelligence skills needed to fulfill their new roles as veterinarians. During the 7-month educational boot camp, to be completed while working full-time, participants meet with instructors almost weekly. VENSA members benefit from networking opportunities and access to support services.

Veterinary chip

Smart Animal Health Monitor

VetChip is an implantable microchip that monitors an animal’s vital signs, including heart rate, temperature, respiratory rate, oxygenation and activity levels, and transmits the data wirelessly to a smart device. The VetChip app interprets health data, identifies potential issues, and sends notifications to owners.

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