CEMEX launches an educational program to raise awareness of the circular economy

A new educational program for UK school children has been launched by global building materials supplier CEMEX, aiming to help children better understand and contribute more to sustainable development, through the transition to the circular economy and by promoting a responsible and sustainable lifestyle.

“A Circular World” is accessible to everyone and uses a multitude of resources to understand and practically address the main sustainability challenges facing our society. This is the latest development announced by CEMEX as part of its global climate action strategy; Future in action.

Hosted online at https://www.cemex.co.uk/cemex-and-the-circular-economy, the program features a fictional team of young people from around the world who need the help of participants to solve different environmental problems. A Circular World is now live for children in grades 5 and 6, with content for those in early childhood and secondary education expected to follow soon.

The program is designed to capture children’s attention through Escape Box activities and Breakout games, which offer a great mix of content and entertainment. “A Circular World” includes both individual and collective challenges, which can be used as a tool for motivation and for developing knowledge and skills.

Chiedza Mupfumira, Social Impact Specialist for CEMEX UK, said: “CEMEX sees climate change mitigation as one of the world’s greatest challenges, with coordinated action vital if we are to protect our planet for future generations. . As part of its dedicated climate action strategy, Future in Action, CEMEX works closely with communities around the world to help people understand the role they can play, while improving its operations to achieve ambitious sustainability goals. »

A circular world can be completed in English, Spanish or Catalan and the activities for the class follow a methodological proposal that promotes the learning process of people: motivation, search and introduction of new knowledge, reflection and critical thinking and, finally, action and communications.

To access the program, go to: https://www.cemex.co.uk/cemex-and-the-circular-economy

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