Child Safety Taught to South Webb County Residents

A car seat can save a child’s life. However, some parents do not know how to use the seats properly and safely.

According to the Texas Department of Transportation and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 46% of children on Texas roads are improperly restrained or have their seat belts misused. It is for this reason that various local and state entities have recently teamed up to teach parents and drivers the correct use of car seats and tips on how to choose the best car seat for their child. last week.

“My office has worked with TxDOT and Constable Pct. 2 Office Mike Villarreal to educate families about the importance of child seat safety,” Webb County Pct. 1 Commissioner Jesse Gonzalez said. “We Had three different locations including Rio Bravo, El Cenizo and La Presa in Mangana Hein.”

Gonzalez said the statistics presented by the state Department of Transportation show why it’s important for people to maintain proper seating techniques for children.

“Statistically speaking, 46% of child seats are misused, and that’s why motor vehicle accidents are the leading cause of death among children,” Gonzalez said.

The county commissioner said any parents who may have further concerns or questions about their child’s safety seat can contact TxDOT directly or the local constable’s office so they can take a quick course on how to secure their child properly.

A mother, Gloria Renteria, said she attended one of these events and found it very helpful.

“Children always depend on parents, but if the parent doesn’t know something then we risk the child getting hurt or worse if an accident happens,” she said. “That’s why classes like these are important when the safety of the child is taken into account and they can also be supervised by those who control them as well. It is important to do these activities with the aim of protecting all the children.

Renteria said his car seat presented no difficulty, but savvy children should be placed in their seat according to their height. In the state of Texas, the child must be in one until he is 4 feet 9 inches tall to avoid a safety hazard.

Gonzalez said anyone inside a moving vehicle should make sure it’s buckled up, including adults, to ensure lives are saved on the roads.

“Always make sure everyone inside the vehicle is properly secured and cordoned off at all times,” the county commissioner added.

He also thanked the collaboration of the different entities working together to make the event happen.

“I want to thank TxDOT and Constable Mike Villarreal and staff for providing this very important class throughout Precinct 1,” he said. “I will continue to bring important educational lessons to residents of Webb County.”

TxDOT says people can find more information on how to keep their children safe in a car seat by visiting the website.

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