Department of Equity Takes Steps to Improve SSDF Education Assistance Program

As the second phase of the database training program draws to a close, the Ministry of Equity, Social Justice and Empowerment has stepped up its approach to training staff of the Social Development Fund of Saint Lucia (SSDF). The sensitization process is part of the ongoing Saint Lucia Human Capital Resilience Program (SLHCRP), which aims to improve the social protection system in Saint Lucia.

Strengthening the main pillars of the Education Assistance Program (EAP) is one of the direct deliverables. The final phase of this database training workshop was held on May 25, 2022 at the National Skills Development Center (NSDC). Saint Lucia Human Capital Resilience Project (SLHCRP) Monitoring and Evaluation Manager and workshop coordinator, Lavorne Verdant-Desir, said that “this training is primarily intended to prepare the team of the SSDF for its annual rollout of the Education Assistance Program.

This year, the SSDF will be supported by the SLHCRP to improve the EAP data collection tools and expand the reach of the EAP. SSDF staff member Brandon Antoine welcomed the intervention noting, “With this knowledge of the database, one of my goals at SSDF would be to increase efficiency, developing ways to guide those pursuing TVET-related CSEC, CVQ and NVQ qualifications and ultimately eliminate the educational duplication process.

SSDF Help Desk Supervisor Jennifer Walter shares similar views saying, “I welcome the process of digitizing database information where customers will no longer have to fill out that long form with a pen. and paper. I look forward to this more effective and efficient database management system EAP program. SSDF’s revised Educational Assistance Program (EPA) to start in July 2022

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