“Do it the cardinal’s way”

A student and athlete at North Idaho College from 1984 to 1986, Dr Paul Bryant said he still adheres to the many lessons and values ​​instilled in him during his time at NIC.

“I’ve been told to do it the cardinal way, which is to make sure you’re excellent,” said Bryant, recipient of the 2021 North Distinguished Alumni of the Year award. Idaho College Alumni Association.

Rose Tedmon, NIC Alumnus of the Year; former honorary student, NIC athletic trainer Randy Boswell; and Bryant, were presented with their awards on Nov. 8 by Alumni Association President Kendra Johnson at the NIC Foundation’s annual scholarship celebration at the NIC Edminster Students’ Union building.

The NIC Alumni Association Awards were established in 2001 to recognize outstanding individuals who significantly improve the NIC and the NIC Alumni Association through their commitment and service.

A former Cardinals basketball player, Bryant is the director of intercollegiate athletics at Edward Waters University in Jacksonville, Florida. He has over 20 years of administrative experience in collegiate athletics. Prior to joining Edward Waters, he was Director of Athletics at Grambling State University in Louisiana for two years and AD in South Carolina State for three years. He holds a doctorate in education from Northcentral University.

Bryant came to NIC from Dayton, Ohio on a basketball scholarship. At NIC, he studied law enforcement and worked for campus security. Bryant eventually returned to Ohio, where he helped create a network of foster homes.

“This foundation of inspiring and helping others began here at North Idaho College,” said Bryant.

Alumnus of the Year Rose Tedmon is a lifelong learner who moved to Hayden Lake with her husband, Craig, after his retirement as the area offered them everything they were looking for, including access to higher education . Over the years, Tedmon has taken all of the art classes offered at NIC. She then used her knowledge and understanding of art to support arts education in the area by becoming a major collector, hosting classes in her home studio, and supporting art events in the community.

Tedmon encourages others to explore the educational offerings of the NIC.

“Relax and enjoy what is here at this beautiful college,” she said.

Tedmon and her husband continue to support NIC students. The couple created three scholarship endowments through the NIC Foundation. Their son, Ted Tedmon, is a professor of business administration at NIC.

NIC athletic trainer Randy Boswell received the honorary alumnus award. Boswell, who received a BA from Point Loma Nazarene and an MA from San Diego State University, has worked at NIC for 29 years.

“I loved my experience here,” said Boswell, who was inducted into the NJCAA Wrestling Coaches Association Hall of Fame earlier this year.

While with the Cardinals, Boswell traveled by invitation to international competitions where he worked as a coach.

“Everywhere I went, I spoke of the beauty of this college,” said Boswell. “I handed out business cards with a picture of the network card and said ‘This is where I get to work’, … what a blessing.”

Boswell said that overseas, in addition to being an ambassador for the college, he also gathered reportable information to help him better support NIC students.

“The best thing about going there was coming back to this institution,” he said.

The NIC Alumni Association encourages a lifelong connection to North Idaho College. To join the Alumni Association or to nominate someone for an Alumni Award in recognition of their commitment to the NIC and the community, visit nic.edu/alumni.

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