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The Air Force Culture and Language Center launches a new program to showcase the Centre’s products, innovative teaching and learning strategies, and tactics developed to leverage linguistic and cultural expertise in a global mission to improve interoperability of partners and understanding of the adversary.

The program, called “AFCLC TV”, consists of live conversations produced on AFCLC’s Facebook channel (@AirForceCultureandLanguageCenter) monthly. Some topics will include the Language Enabled Airman program, AFCLC on-demand education tactics with eMentor and intensive language training events, pre-deployment acculturation courses for general officers, cultural conversations with faculty from the AFCLC, information about upcoming educational courses and the new expanded Culture App. The live interview format also allows for conversations with experts outside of AFCLC.

“I am honored to be the first guest on AFCLC TV to discuss our vision, which is ‘The Air Force’s Global Classroom.’ This simple nickname allows us to focus on our primary goal of educating Airmen for global partner interoperability and adversary understanding through language, region and culture instruction. ” said Howard Ward, director of AFCLC. “This is also the perfect opportunity to discuss AFCLC initiatives to carry out the orders of the Air Force Chief of Staff, General Charles Q. Brown,” Accelerate Change or Lose “. We have a lot to say and can’t wait to share it with our audience!

Ward will be the first guest on AFCLC TV on the AFCLC Facebook page on Thursday, December 9 at 1:00 p.m. CST. Please respect the following rules to participate in AFCLC TV:
• Maintain the principles and standards of professional behavior and communication
• Mute mics while others are talking
• Hold questions until the end of the interview; use the chat function to submit your questions to the briefer at that time
• Follow appropriate OPSEC procedures / guidance and be aware that Facebook is an unclassified medium

If you have any questions about AFCLC TV, please send an email to AFCLC.Outreach@us.af.mil.

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