Embry-Riddle: business training from the ground up

In today’s complex aviation and aerospace industries, a solid business education is essential. At Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, we help build business skills from the ground up.

The world’s largest aerospace university offers business degrees ranging from management and finance to new programs in data science and business analytics. Every degree can open the door to an unlimited future – not just in aerospace but in any industry. They are also a solid foundation for entrepreneurs who are dedicated to innovation.

Embry-Riddle business students benefit from meaningful internships with top employers and a global network of connections including fellow students, experienced faculty, and alumni of top companies who regularly recruit our students.

The power of a business education at Embry-Riddle is evidenced by the continued success of students. Regardless of their background, challenges, or ultimate goals, Embry-Riddle business students have a proven track record of achievement and achievement.

Here are some examples of students who have taken their careers to the next level by earning business degrees from Embry-Riddle:

tools for life

Before deciding to continue her studies, Treshina Smith (21 years old) got into business consulting for her professional natural hair care clients.

After 10 years running her business, she moved overseas after marrying her husband, who serves in the Navy, and continued her business services at the Fleet and Family Services Center.

“I found myself teaching resumes and LinkedIn classes, organizing events, small business counseling and wellness,” Smith said.

As an Army veteran and military spouse with her own business and career goals, she was drawn to the Embry-Riddle Global Campus.

“I made the decision after meeting with my academic advisor on base and reviewing Embry-Riddle’s current research, his involvement with the Project Management Institute, the programs offered, and reviews from alumni,” he said. she declared. “The MS in Project Management offered the global perspective and concentration in data analysis that I was looking for.”

During the program, Smith learned to apply project management tools to his own life. These skills also proved particularly useful in his first project management role at a consulting company.

“Through Embry-Riddle, I have strengthened my skills in creating and delivering presentations, advanced Excel, and risk and data analysis, all of which are fundamental skills for an analyst and consultant”, Smith said.

She also had the opportunity to deepen her real-world knowledge and job-search skills through courses in the program.

“I participated in multiple conversations about news and trends in technology, supply chain, economics and more with confidence as we covered many relevant topics in the discussions,” he said. she declared. “The Cornerstone was extremely helpful in bringing together all that we had learned and preparing for the job search process.”

Since graduating, Smith now uses the knowledge she gained in her role as a senior consulting analyst at Accenture – an information technology and services company.

“I get the chance to develop innovative and creative service solutions for businesses that go beyond technology and dive into the truly human aspect of creation and change,” she said. “The hardest part is staying focused and not getting distracted by so many opportunities to learn and participate.”

Going forward, Smith hopes to continue on the path she started years ago as a small business entrepreneur.

She encourages other Eagles to set strategic goals and timelines, but to remain adaptable to change.

“Be the master of your own destiny and don’t be afraid to chart your course,” Smith said.

A veteran drives innovation

Sensatek Propulsion Technologies Founder and CEO Reamonn Soto (’18) has won the $25,000 top prize in the 2022 PenFed Foundation Black History Month Ignition Challenge.

The challenge, now in its second year, was created by the Virginia-based nonprofit to encourage black veterans and military-affiliated entrepreneurs with funding and mentorship. The foundation’s Veteran Entrepreneur Investment Program has selected 15 national finalists.

Soto, a United States Marine Corps veteran, was completing his master’s degree at the Embry-Riddle Global Campus when he had a big idea to save gas turbine operators millions of dollars a year.

To build Sensatek Propulsion Technology, Soto took advantage of the incubation space at Embry-Riddle Research Park in Daytona Beach, Florida, which has partnered with private industry as well as policymakers and developers. local, state and federal agencies.

Sensatek’s business model of licensing patented wireless sensor technology to increase the operational reliability and performance of jet engines and high temperature process flow applications has proven attractive to a range of investors.

Soto’s funding from all sources now totals more than $5.5 million. His innovation, based on the kind of original thinking entrepreneurs can bring to the industry, has created new, well-paying jobs.

Sensatek sensors measure heat transfer data for customers in an innovative way that will advance technology for aerospace, space and energy applications.

Since joining the research park in 2017, de Soto’s team has won numerous awards, with support from the National Science Foundation, Launch Your Venture competition, NASA, U.S. Department of Energy , Starter Studio Seed Fund Accelerator, and several other organizations, including Embry-Riddle. .

Taking care of business at Boeing

Sarah Graber (’19) landed an internship with The Boeing Company the summer before her senior year at the Embry-Riddle campus in Prescott, Arizona. Little did she know that this opportunity would turn into her dream career.

Graber began his journey with The Boeing Company as a procurement intern working to acquire parts for the Apache helicopter rotor and transmission systems.

With the valuable knowledge and skills acquired through the Aviation Business Administration program, she has established herself as a strategic asset to her team and has turned this role into a full-time position as a Procurement Officer. .

Watch this video to learn more about Sarah’s success.

An investment with huge returns
Master of Business Administration (MBA) students from the David B. O’Maley College of Business at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University had the chance this spring to contribute to a real-world consulting project for a leader leader in the aviation industry.

The project gave students in-depth insight into the inner workings of a global company – for ownership reasons, the company chose to remain anonymous – and the opportunity felt like “working alongside the professor rather than for the professor.” “, according to student Jacques Boudreaux.

“It was really cool to work with the client and see what their specific wants and needs were,” said Boudreaux, who earned his MBA in aviation management and plans to start pilot training with the United States Air Force.

The project, aimed at exploring Urban Air Mobility (UAM) – a transportation system that will use aircraft to transport passengers or cargo at lower altitudes in urban and suburban areas – as a viable market, has been organized in part by Dr. Janet Tinoco, Professor of Management and Marketing. The students participated in the project in the capstone class of their graduate program.

Connor Guinn (’20; ’21), another graduate of the Aviation Management MBA program, said he enjoys working on a project that could directly influence whether or not a real-world company takes action to expand its reach in an emerging market.

“The company’s interest in UAM and growth opportunities was intriguing, and helping to contribute research that will help the company in the future was fascinating,” said Guinn, who works as a ground instructor. at Endeavor Air and plans to move into a pilot position. during this year.

The students provided a series of assessments, Tinoco said, examining macro-environmental forces in the UAM market, such as government regulations and economic influences. Company positioning, as well as competitive assessments and market trends, in the United States and globally, were also analyzed.

Based on their initial assessments, the students proposed two market opportunities, in the form of potential business models, answering the research questions posed by the company on market barriers by country, viability for customers and value propositions.

Tinoco said the limited company was very pleased with the results, “and we will work with them again in the future. Discussions have already started on new projects for 2022 and beyond.”

Even if aerospace isn’t your primary focus, business degrees from Embry-Riddle can open positions in some of the largest and most successful companies in the country, paving the way for careers that command the best positions and the salaries that go with them.

Students have the flexibility to learn on our campuses in Florida or Arizona as well as flexible education opportunities online and in locations around the world. Discover the programs that can help you explore your next horizon.

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