Fidelity Institutional℠ launches new training program for businesses and advisors looking to grow

BOSTON–(COMMERCIAL THREAD) – With research from Fidelity revealing that investors are increasingly turning to their advisors for help at the most important times in their lives,I Fidelity Institutional today announced the launch of the Wealth Advisory Institute, a comprehensive wealth management education and training program designed to help businesses and their advisors grow. The Wealth Advisory Institute combines a range of tools and resources:

  • A program that advisors can customize based on their journey to becoming a holistic wealth manager, comprising a guided set of modules: Switch to a paid model, Integrated financial planning, Grow your investment footprint, Optimize your business and Become a holistic wealth manager.

  • A landing zone with resources lined up on each module that includes research papers, videos and podcasts from Fidelity as well as over a dozen top asset managers including: American Century Investments, BlackRock , Capital Group, Goldman Sachs Asset Management, Invesco, Janus Henderson, MFS, PIMCO and T. Rowe Price.

  • Live and on-demand workshops led by Fidelity’s management and consulting team.

  • Ongoing, personalized, enterprise-level support for deployment planning, platform training, and adoption measurement.

“No other program in the industry offers this kind of educational framework that inspires advisors and helps them drive client engagement and, in turn, grow their business volume,” said Gary Gallagher, Head of Business Development. investment and management solutions for Fidelity Institutional. “The Wealth Advisory Institute has a dynamic and interactive experience that offers achievable goals and next steps for advisors and support to help businesses and advisors every step of the way to become holistic wealth managers. ”

Fidelity research also found that advisors who spent 10% or more of their time on professional development reported an increase in the number of clients they served more often than advisers who spent less time.I Cerulli’s research indicates that the most effective ways of learning are: listening to best practices of successful advisors, 1: 1 access to consultants, and ongoing coaching.iii

The Wealth Advisory Institute is now deploying to Fidelity institutional clients who have subscribed to Fidelity Managed Account Xchange℠ (FMAX) or Managed Account Solutions (MAS) services. Fidelity Institutional serves more than 13,500 corporations and wealth management institutions that oversee 70% of the wealth of the United States.iv

For more information, advisors should visit the Fidelity website or contact their Fidelity relationship manager.

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I The Fidelity Investor Insights 2019 study was conducted from August 6 to 26, 2019. It surveyed a total of 2,026 investors, including 1,102 millionaires. The study was conducted via a 25-minute online survey, with the sample provided by Brookmark, a third-party company not affiliated with Fidelity. Respondents were selected based on a minimum level of assets to invest (excluding retirement assets and primary residence), age and income levels.

I 2019 Fidelity Financial Advisor Community Background Survey.

iii “US Advisor Metrics 2020: Dimensions of Diversity”, The Cerulli Report.

iv 2019 Fidelity Financial Advisor Community Background Survey. Fidelity’s community of financial advisers is a panel of advisors who participate in thematic studies related to their practices throughout the year. Advisors invited to join the panel manage or advise client assets individually or as a team, and work primarily with individual investors. All panel surveys are conducted online and are blind (Fidelity is not identified as the sponsor). The baseline survey was conducted from May 13 to October 29, 2019. 907 advisors responded to the survey. The types of advisory firms include a mix of banks, independent brokers, insurance companies, regional brokers, RIAs, and national brokerage firms (commonly referred to as brokerage houses), with results weighted to reflect the composition of the sector. The research with the panel is being conducted by an independent company not affiliated with Fidelity Investments. 83% of counselors who spent 10% or more of their time on professional development reported an increase in the number of clients compared to those who spent less than 10% of their time on professional development (77% reported an increase) .

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