Ghost Financial Launches Educational Program for Ghost Kitchen OperatorsQSR Web

Ghost Financial, a finance and business services platform for ghost kitchen operators, has announced the launch of its online learning and community platform for potential and existing ghost kitchen operators, called GhostU. GhostU will provide information that enables success and profitability that was previously unavailable in the market, according to a press release.

GhostU’s initial 12-episode video masterclass will cover essential, industry-specific topics on how to start a profitable ghost kitchen operation in 60 days. Session topics include: how to propel your restaurant to the top of delivery apps; create targeted advertising campaigns; develop viral menu items; choose your kitchen supplier; negotiate with your ghost kitchen owner; how to obtain funding; how to hire kitchen staff and more.

The masterclass also includes step-by-step worksheets and three-month access to the Ghost Kitchen Community, a forum where ghost kitchen owners can interact, access interactive workshops and question-and-answer sessions.

“Having launched my own ghost kitchen restaurant, Keto Kitchen, in late 2020, I know from experience that it can be a very lonely endeavor,” said John Meyer, Founder of GhostU and CEO of Ghost Financial, in the press release. . “Until now, there has been no central source for ghost kitchen operators to connect, share ideas or ask questions. GhostU’s web-based community platform will function as a networking site social enabling the industry to come together and thrive as a collective community.

“Ghost Kitchens are revolutionary in that they have lowered the barrier to entry for foodies with a dream by reducing the cost and timeline to start a restaurant from $500,000 and an entire year, to $25,000 and 30 days. Now that it’s that easy to start a ghost kitchen, I want to make sure that with the proper education, the industry sees failure rates drop to 5% or less.”

Interested students can enroll with a 75% discount. The program is $350 through June 30.

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