Harvard Chan School and SAHZU Announce Bilateral Clinical Research Exchange Program Launch

Harvard TH Chan School of Public Health and Zhejiang University School of Medicine (SAHZU) in Hangzhou, China, today announced the launch of a bilateral clinical research exchange program aimed at strengthening the research capacity of two institutions and to develop a multiannual program. teaching clinical research.

The joint program was announced during the 10th edition of SAHZUe Annual Cross-Strait Hospital CEO Forum and Global Healthcare Leaders Forum.

The world’s most pressing public health challenges require cross-border collaboration. We are proud to advance this work through this innovative exchange program with Zhejiang University. “

Michelle Williams, Faculty Dean, Harvard Chan School

“At Harvard Chan, we have a long tradition of working with colleagues around the world to build local capacity for both clinical research and public health leadership,” added Williams. “In particular, we have had a deep engagement with China for decades through programs such as the China Health Partnership, which supports research into the financing and delivery of health care. This new exchange program with Zheijang will allow us to reach even more practitioners in China and further strengthen the intercultural ties that are essential to advance the global health security agenda. “

The program will initially consist of four components:

SAHZU Annual Forum

Harvard Chan faculty will participate in the educational conference for Chinese doctors and researchers, which last year attracted more than 700,000 online viewers. This year’s agenda includes Harvard Chan professors sharing case studies from their research and discussing medical innovation.

Tailor-made courses in clinical research methods

A week-long course on clinical research methods will be launched, focusing on the design and validity of clinical studies, statistical analysis of clinical studies and clinical research reports in leading medical journals. Harvard Chan faculty will develop and teach the semester course in person at SAHZU from spring 2022 and some SAHZU colleagues who complete the course will be involved in future courses as fellows.

Master’s Program in Clinical Epidemiology and Clinical Research

This two-year study program will focus on research methods in clinical medicine and clinical epidemiology. The participants, mostly young doctors, will make two four-week visits to the Harvard Chan campus in Boston and conduct a clinical research study supervised by experts from Harvard Chan. Five positions per year will be available for doctors and researchers at SAHZU.

Visiting professor

The program will enable a visiting professor from SAHZU to be fully involved in on-site research at Harvard Chan School and to train in the development of collaborative research projects.

“We are delighted with this opportunity to work closely with our colleagues at SAHZU to strengthen clinical research and epidemiology capacity in eastern China. This kind of collaboration is essential for improving public health around the world, ”said Albert Hofman, Stephen B. Kay Family Professor of Public Health and Clinical Epidemiology at Harvard Chan School, Chairman of the Department of Epidemiology and Director of the new Global Educational Collaborative in Clinical Research with SAHZU.


Harvard TH Chan School of Public Health

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