How to take courses at CSUF if you are not currently admitted

Have you heard of The Open University (OU) at Cal State Fullerton? This is a program that allows students who are not currently admitted to take the same courses as a registered student. Both undergraduate and graduate courses are offered.

“People choose to enroll through the Open University for a variety of reasons,” said Margaret Luzzi, an adviser at UO. Margaret explained that many types of people will benefit from this program, including those who:

  • Need to take credited university courses for professional reasons
  • Consider moving to an undergraduate program
  • Need to meet the prerequisites for a graduate degree or professional program
  • Have been academically disqualified from CSUF and must increase their GPA to be readmitted
  • Arrested and need to complete credits for their degree
  • Do international students participate in the University Semester Abroad program (USA)

Suzanne Batista, another OU advisor, added that she sees the Open University as “a stepping stone for individuals to advance and advance into the next stage.”

“In the summer, we see students from other universities taking courses at CSUF through OU,” Suzanne said, “because CSUF offers a course they need in an earlier sequence than their home institution, which which allows them to accelerate their progress towards a degree. We are also seeing an increase in students being accepted for a future fall term and are excited to begin. This is a great opportunity to begin exploring course offerings and learn about our amazing faculty.

No matter where you’re from or what stage you’re at in your educational life, the door is open for you to explore The Open University at Cal State Fullerton. If you want to take classes this summer, registration has now started. There are 60% online/hybrid classes for those who want more flexibility and save on travel costs and 40% in-person classes offered for those who value in-person faculty and student camaraderie.

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