India and the United Kingdom sign a pact for the mutual recognition of diplomas | India News

NEW DELHI: India and the United Kingdom agreed on Thursday on mutual recognition of level of studies of students from both countries, a decision that will cover undergraduate and postgraduate courses as well as maritime education, but exclude professional degrees in engineering, medicine, architecture and pharmacy.
India is seeking simpler rules for vocational courses under the bilateral trade deal being negotiated, BVR trade secretary says Subrahmanyam said.
“These agreements will facilitate closer alignment on education between India and the UK, improve short-term bilateral mobility and ensure mutual recognition of qualifications,” a statement said.
The MoU will include online courses and facilitate courses that offer students the opportunity to study partly in India and also in the UK, the trade secretary said. Also, it will be useful for those who are completing a postgraduate program in the UK, which lasts for one year. It will now be possible to transfer credits obtained by students.
“On a reciprocal basis, Indian upper secondary/pre-university school certificates will be considered suitable for entry into UK higher education institutions. Similarly, the bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degrees from India and the UK will also be considered equivalent to each other,” the statement read. Currently, students completing a PG course in the UK find it difficult to enroll in a PhD in India, Subrahmanyam said.
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