Insurance Care Direct Celebrates Student Success in Pioneering Educational Program Delivered as a Benefit to Employees During COVID-19 Pandemic

DEERFIELD BEACH, Florida, August 26, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Insurance Care Direct (ICD), one of the nation’s leading health insurance providers, celebrates the success of students who have participated in the company’s pioneering Educational Support (ESP) program, a benefit offered to families of ICD employees during the Covid19 pandemic. This fall, students who were not out of high school will return to their original class at Broward and palm beach counties well prepared for the next academic year.

As part of an unprecedented benefits package, ICD management implemented the ESP program for children of ICD employees whose schools had switched to distance learning during the pandemic of COVID-19. This educational program provided students with a safe, in-person environment where a team of experienced teachers and teaching assistants, led by Dr. Jaimee Sabato, provided one-on-one support to more than two dozen students. This program was open to all children of ICD employees and offered free of charge for the duration of the school closures and virtual learning.

Recognizing that closing schools would be a challenge for parents, the leadership of the ICD saw the vision of partnering with Dr. Jaimee Sabato, a K-12 curriculum expert, to develop an educational support program to complement virtual learning. The ICD hosted and sponsored the pod-like learning environment in a converted COVID-19 compliant office space that was organized into a single weekend to minimize gaps in student learning.

“Arnold, Seth and Brad Cohen have always put the experiences of their employees and helping others first, ”said ICD CEO, former US Senator E. Ben Nelson. “Faced with the unprecedented challenge of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Cohens have championed this unique and innovative educational support program to help employees and their families. As the success of these students demonstrates, their engaged leadership created a lasting and positive impact. . “

“The ICD educational program made it easy for my two children to complete their education online during the pandemic,” said Renee gayle, an ICD employee whose children participated in the program. “Dr. Sabato’s team provided one-to-one academic assistance to my two children. This support enabled my son to make up for missing credits and successfully complete his final year of high school. Thanks to the leadership of the founder of the ICD Arnold cohen and co-chairs of the IAS Seth and Brad Cohen, my children had access to a personalized learning environment that ensured that the COVID-19 pandemic did not disrupt their education or prevent my son from graduating. “

By providing instructional assistance and support for the virtual learning process, ICD’s ESP program has helped 28 students enrolled in Kindergarten to Grade 12 succeed despite the challenges of virtual learning. The program has had a significant impact on learning outcomes and has helped students improve their test scores, develop new skills, and ensure that those struggling to meet graduation requirements can receive their diplomas on time.

The ESP program is just one of the many ways Insurance Care Direct invests in its employees and gives back to local communities. Details of other DCI initiatives are available at

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