Italian Shipping Academy and BCA GIME join seafarer training

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We are proud to announce the agreement between the Fondazione Accademia Italiana della Marina Mercantile (Italian Navigation Academy, FAIMM) and the Business College of Athens (BCA), Greek Institute of Maritime Education (GIME) for the provision of the Online Baccalaureate in maritime affairs diploma for graduates in STI. Recognizing the mutual interests in the field of maritime education and training, and considering the advantages of their respective institutions arising from the establishment of international links, FAIMM and BCA GIME aim to promote academic cooperation between Italy and the Greece by providing higher education, practical Vessel Management tools to those who have graduated ITS.

The signed agreement provides that all students of Deck and Machine courses, taking an English course provided free of charge by the Academy itself, will be eligible to apply for enrollment at BCA GIME, having the recognized credits and courses. in-class training. The one-year study program consists of 4 modules (Maritime Business Management / International Maritime Policy and Regulations / Maritime Law / Financial Management in Shipping) and a final thesis (Maritime Business Research Project), which leads to the diploma recognized by West London University, which collaborates institutionally with BCA-GIME.

The agreement between Faimm and BCA-GIME provides for an initial period of cooperation of 3 years, which could also be developed in the future on other projects and activities. The program can be followed 100% remotely, so that students can also perform their professional duties smoothly. The program offers a comprehensive and combined practical knowledge of the economics and operations of the ship management industry, which can later be translated into a strong competitive advantage for students who will have already acquired classroom and practical skills at edge. “This agreement marks an extremely important step for all students of the Academy,” says Paola Vidotto, Director of FAIMM. “An agreement which underlines the growth path of our institute also in the international arena, aimed at providing full support to students so that they can improve their own higher skills, with the possibility of advancing their careers.”

BCA GIME CEO Harry Daskalakis said: “BCA GIME is proud to partner with FAIM, a first step between an Italian and Greek maritime educational institution. BCA has been Greece’s leading ship management college since 1971, providing its 9,000 alumni with the practical knowledge and skills necessary to thrive in the maritime industry, from a business perspective. We are very happy that this knowledge is now also being passed on to Italian students. “

The Italian Navigation Academy, founded in 2005 and recognized as the ITS Foundation in 2011, is a body funded by public institutions that awards diplomas from the Ministry of Education in non-university higher education. The Academy’s “mission” is to provide specialized training aimed at professions with a high professional and technological content, based on the needs of companies in the sector, and in particular in the strategic areas of maritime and logistics. From 2005 to present, the Academy has trained 1,048 officer cadets in the 52 editions of the ITS bridge classes and 737 officer cadets in the 39 editions of the ITS machine classes.

BCA Gime is the oldest maritime college in Greece, specializing in ship management studies. BCA’s training programs aim to develop maritime sector leaders and executives by equipping them with the theoretical knowledge and professional skills necessary to meet the demands of the maritime sector. BCA, with over 1,000 students and over 9,000 alumni employed in leading Greek and international companies, offers university programs that integrate both theory and practice into their curriculum, leveraging the expertise of its academics and fully qualified professionals.

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