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Livermore’s Las Positas College (LCP) is part of a national movement called Guided Pathways, an organization designed to make navigating higher education less difficult and more focused.

Since the program began five years ago, LPC has made progress in implementing new policies consistent with the Guided Pathways – a framework shared among all community colleges in California to help students get the classes they need. to obtain employable skills.

“From our perspective, Guided Pathways is really about looking at the student experience,” said LPC President Dr. Dyrell Foster. “Watch how they come in and move towards achieving their goals through our institution. It’s about their experience of what we do.

Foster noted that the movement has spread throughout the community college sector, allowing LPC to streamline the course of its classes in terms of structure and career options. Prior to implementing the Pathways program, students were asked what they wanted to specialize in. They are now asked what career they would like to have, so that their experience can be focused on the desired outcome.

Nan Ho is Dean of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) at LPC. As an administrator, she has worked on Guided Pathways since its inception at LPC five years ago. She said that in addition to focusing on end results, the program helps students navigate their courses.

“We are looking for ways to provide timely support to students to help them move around the institution in a timely manner,” Ho said. “Ultimately, it’s about helping students achieve their goals. educational. There are a lot of things built into this journey… there is a lot to be done to restructure the student experience around their purpose. “

Guided tours have four pillars to help students. First, they identify the path they want to take; learn to get on the path; learn to stay on the path; and finally, they make sure they have learned what they need on their journey.

An example of the real changes being made to help students find the right path to achieve their goals can be found directly on the LPC website in the Program Mapper, which helps students explore career options, salaries and forecasts. local employment growth, as well as the educational components for these careers.

Kristy Woods is a math faculty member at LPC and one of the main faculty working on the Guided Courses. She said the entire campus has embraced the process of setting up this program, with input from students, faculty and staff.

“It’s easy to see from the students’ perspective what it’s like to have the student experience,” said Woods. “We asked the professors to try to sign up and see where we can make huge changes. Within a year, we had crafted this whole plan in an idealized order to meet the need to graduate in two years.

Woods said that while some of the changes have only been in place since May, there is evidence that they are working. College counselors noted that students come up with focused questions based on program maps they created using the school’s Mapper program.

“I think it really lets the student know anywhere, anytime what interests them, opening the door to careers they might never have thought of,” Woods said. . “They can immediately see that our degrees meet local employment needs, and the courses they need to take to do that are here.”

LPC is also working with Cal State East Bay so that potential students can decide whether they want to complete their studies at Las Positas or transfer.

LPC is located at 3000 Campus Hill Drive in Livermore. For more information or to register for the spring semester, call 925-424-1000 or visit www.

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