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Even if you have years of experience with traditional mediums, digital art is a world of its own. Start creating beautiful works of art without ever needing to clean a brush again with the School of Digital Art 2022 Premium Set.

This big bundle of art classes has just seen its price drop to $ 35 (instead of $ 2,000).

Digital art course

You get 10 lessons from this package. These courses include anatomy, character art, digital painting, and popular software like Clip Studio Paint, which tons of digital artists are switching to Photoshop because it’s more intuitive and cheaper. (You can see the switch to Clip Studio Paint on Reddit threads like this one.)

In 10 lessons, you will benefit from over 100 hours of lessons taught by professional artists and illustrators such as Scott Harris and Robert Marzullo. These are the kinds of people who would be guest lecturers in college art classes. But you get them for 111 hours instead of just one. Plus, you have access to these inspiring and educational videos, recordings and lessons for life.

Much of improving your art is trial and error. And having a professional education there forever allows you to constantly go back and learn more as your skills naturally develop.

This set covers many of the most useful topics in digital art. You will learn how to make comics and manga, make digital paintings, and create fascinating characters. Expensive college courses – and even more expensive tutors – exist that can teach you all of this. But none of them will be able to be split screen on your computer while you draw in another tab.

Save on the 2022 School of Digital Art Premium Pack

For a limited time, you can get the 2022 Premium School of Digital Art Bundle on sale for $ 34.99, while the price has dropped from $ 2,000. And if you’re looking for something else to learn and make that New Year’s resolution earlier, check out this offer on even more online courses.

Prices subject to change.

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