Leeds Trinity University to host government funded courses to help students with their mental health

LEEDS Trinity University must play an important role in helping to provide mental health support to youth in schools and colleges.

The university has partnered with the National Network for Mental Health Leads, to support the delivery of training programs funded by the Department of Education.

The courses are designed for people employed as mental health leaders in schools or colleges and will provide them with enhanced knowledge and practical tools to support pupils and students.

From February 2022, the courses, titled Advanced Mental Health Lead and National Educational Leaders in Mental Health, will be delivered by the Institute of Childhood and Education at Leeds Trinity.

With an emphasis on ethics and culture, the courses will encourage teachers and policy makers to integrate mental health and wellness into the curriculum and into workforce development.

Both courses are nationally recognized and were developed by The Root Of It, a consulting firm specializing in leadership, mentoring and mental health education that strives to standardize the mental health spectrum, to provide training and removing barriers.

The course includes training on the student experience, engagement with parents and caregivers, mental health interventions and local services.

Bev Peartree is Senior Professional Practice Fellow and Program Leader for the National Special Needs Education Coordination Award and Master of Arts in Child and Youth Mental Health at Leeds Trinity University.

She said: “These exciting and innovative lessons will lay the foundation for the work of improving the school by meeting the mental health and well-being needs of all children. These courses are fully funded by the Ministry of Education and will help schools and colleges develop the offer and improve the skills of staff. We are very happy to be able to offer these courses alongside our industry-leading Masters in Child and Youth Mental Health.

Richard Curtis, mental health expert and founder of The Root Of It, said: “The pandemic has highlighted the need in schools to understand the well-being of staff and students. We are excited to be working with Leeds Trinity University to help develop mental health leaders in area schools and colleges. These courses will give educational settings the tools, resources and skills necessary to be able to understand and respond to the mental health needs of their community.

Registration is now open for February 2022. For more information on courses at Leeds Trinity and to register, visit the university’s website.

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