Liberia: APM Terminals launches scholarship program

APM Terminals Liberia has launched a scholarship sponsorship program as part of its commitment to corporate social responsibility. The program to provide greater opportunities for disadvantaged people and empower the next generation of leaders has enabled 120 students to sponsor scholarships from six institutions across the country.

The private launch that took place last month at the Boulevard Palace Hotel was honored by Montserrado County Senator Saah Joseph and Montserrado County District No. 13 representative Edward Papie Flomo.

In attendance were representatives, administrators and students from various eligible institutions from Districts 13 and 14, respectively.

The sponsorship program initially covers all six institutions namely: Freeway Baptist High School, Boakai Konneh Foundation School, Jimmy Jolocon School, God’s Glory Primary School and Rev. Peter Amos George Memorial Academy.

The respective institutions were selected following a needs assessment and close consultation with APM Terminals Liberia stakeholders and qualified against the company’s CSR compliance policies.

Other schools are expected to onboard when eligibility requirements are met.

Speaking at the event, Representative Edward Flomo expressed his gratitude to APM Terminals Liberia for aligning with the immediate needs of the communities and putting the initiative in place. He said: “It has been three long years since I took over as the representative for District #13, however, I am grateful to the APMT family that in the future we will continue to see APM Terminals more strong in its corporate social responsibilities.”

Mr. Prince Tweh of the Rev. Peter Amos George Memorial Academy spoke on behalf of the students and enthusiastically congratulated APM Terminals Liberia.

“On behalf of my colleagues, I would like to thank the management of the APMT for this great initiative and help towards us as students. We assure you that we will do our best to maintain the recommended grades to stay in this program,” he said.

Sen. Saah Joseph from Montserrado County praised the new leadership of APMT-Liberia and urged the company to do more to highlight its many social interventions such as the scholarship program.

“I want to express my gratitude to the management of APM Terminals for this great undertaking and urge other dealerships to follow this example,” said Senator Joseph.

Emphasizing the essence of caring and fostering good relationships, APM Terminals Liberia General Manager Jonathan Graham noted that the company is ready to do more.

He said: “Before we go on, let me say, Prince and Sandra, you were super cool. What you said here, I couldn’t have done that at your age, I would have been super nervous, and I want to congratulate you on that.”

“I’ve been sitting around and what I hear over and over again is the APMT family and that’s exactly what we are – a family. Over the years that has been reflected in our actions.

He noted that they haven’t told people everything they’ve done until now, but as humans they want to do the right thing.

“We want to move into stages two, three and four and it’s very important to me to have that continued support. I will say publicly that it is our commitment to you today to support the future of this new generation. Thank you all for the support and to my team for making this day possible.

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