Mechatron Robotics launches robotics kits and project-based courses for students

India, January 3, 2022: Mechatron Robotics, an EdTech division of Neurapses Technologies and one of the fastest growing robotics and STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) learning platforms, has launched a set project-based learning programs including robotics, coding, electronics and circuits, advanced Arduino, AI for kids, virtual robotics and robot operating system (ROS) and more again. The company was also recently recognized as an internationally accredited body by, one of the leading international accreditation bodies known for its quality STEM certifications.

Aiming to develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills in students by challenging them to build real projects, Mechatron Robotics exposes students to technical and non-technical skills. Students can enroll through online or offline support to learn and refine their knowledge and skills in a plethora of fields globally. The courses and program offered are carefully chosen and taught by experienced mechatronics, electronics engineers and several industry experts to ensure that the skills and knowledge acquired are in demand and highly beneficial to the students.

The programs provided by Mechatron Robotics provide students with constant challenges to supplement their learning and help them analyze their progress from time to time. These challenges are mostly about building real projects, which is the best industrial exposure a student can get from the comfort of their own home.

Mechatron Robotics’ team of AI engineers developed the world’s first AI-based recommendation system for the education sector, a cutting-edge creation that understands each individual’s unique behavior and uses a model of hybrid recommendation to suggest technology and courses they can learn, based on their interest.

This achievement is followed by the introduction of the first functional version of the AI-based learning management system, which empowers online and offline education modes with AI capabilities and recommender systems. . It has been remarkably designed in such a way that any educational institution can apply it with virtually no problem.

Mechatron Robotics has also successfully solved major issues faced by students learning through online media. Through its blended learning program model, students can participate in live lectures and simultaneously work on the provided hardware craft kits, at home.

In this way, Mechatron Robotics helps build a promising set of engineers who learn and apply these skills and knowledge virtually at the same time. It also introduced the First DIY Robotics Kit, DIY IoT Kit, DIY Drone Kit, and DIY Humanoid Kit for Students. These ambitious projects were also designed by the company’s R&D team.

Mechatron Robotics started its activities in 2018 with the aim of bridging the gap between the education system and the industrial demands of the 21st century. He has served over 50,000 students around the world by developing a strong project-based curriculum and guided them in the publication of over 500 international projects.

In addition, the company now has more than 17 franchises worldwide in India, Australia, Germany, Kenya and 14 African countries, where thousands of students and students are trained and mentored to create challenging real life projects and learning about the 21st century. skills. Mechatron Robotics plans to expand its operations to more countries over the next two years.

Mr. Siddhartha Kumar, Founder of Mechatron Robotics, says: “At Mechatron Robotics, we believe in holistic learning, which complements technical and non-technical skills. Therefore, to provide a hands-on learning experience, we provide students with project-based learning opportunities and equip them with 21st century technical skills and soft skills such as problem solving, innovative thinking, thinking criticism, logical reasoning and perseverance.

Neurapses Technologies is the parent organization of Mechatron Robotics. It is one of the leading machine learning companies, working on next generation technologies to deliver smart solutions to businesses. He has developed applications for image processing, automated document processing, information retrieval systems, data analysis, recommendation systems, among others. They are arguably one of the fastest growing companies in the field, providing their services in the IT, logistics, retail, healthcare, supply chain and education.

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