Nevada County District Attorney Runs Up To Keep Position, Announces Educational Program

Nevada County Attorney Jesse Wilson announced this week that he would run in the June election to keep his job.

In June, Wilson was selected by the County Oversight Board to become the Acting District Attorney in a 3-2 vote, narrowly defeating Colusa County District Attorney Matthew Beauchamp as well as former District Attorney. Nevada County Deputy Chris Walsh.

Wilson succeeded former District Attorney Cliff Newell, who held the position for 15 years before retiring in July. At the time of his retirement, Newell’s term was due to expire in early 2023.

If elected in June, Wilson will serve for a full four-year term.

In a statement on Monday, Wilson said his top priority would be to hold accountable those who commit serious and violent crimes in the county and to deliver justice to victims of crime.

When asked why he thought someone should vote for him over other potential candidates, Wilson described himself in an email as a “dedicated career attorney with the skills and experience. to run this office “.

According to the website of the public prosecutor’s officeWilson worked with the office as a legal intern in 2010 and was hired as an assistant district attorney in 2012. He held that position for six years before moving to El Dorado County in 2018.

“I am committed to prosecuting criminals and fighting on behalf of victims and their families for justice,” Wilson said. “At the same time, I believe education and intervention in the form of evidence-based programs are essential elements in reducing crime and building a better Nevada County.”

He added that district attorneys must be able to adapt as the landscape of the criminal justice system changes, explaining that he believes traditional approaches to prosecution “will no longer be sufficient to provide residents of County Nevada the security they deserve. “


In the statement announcing his candidacy, Wilson also said the county will launch Project Lead in January.

The project leader will be a “law-related education program” in which law enforcement officials as well as prosecutors from the district attorney’s office will work with fifth-grade classes, the statement said.

Wilson said in an email Tuesday that the 10 to 12 week program will begin at a local elementary school and is “designed to encourage students to stay in school and make good decisions.”

Visits by prosecutors and law enforcement officials, Wilson said, will include lesson plans on conflict resolution and peer pressure resistance, as well as anti-bullying and advocacy. tolerance and respect for diversity.

He did not name the school that will participate in the program.

“Throughout the program, children will develop positive bonds with Nevada County leadership and law enforcement,” he said. “The District Attorney’s Office is thrilled to be working with the youth of this community and making Project Lead a staple of our schools for years to come. “

Based on a project manager flyer on Wilson’s campaign website, the program was first developed by the Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office in 1993 and uses educational tools such as skits, games, handouts, and mock trials.

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Jesse Wilson is running for a full term as District Attorney.
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