North Central Missouri College sees enrollment increase

For the second year in a row, North Central Missouri College saw a significant increase in enrollment and credit hours. For the Fall 2022 Census, NCMC is up 7.7% in headcount and 7% in credit hours. Enrollment is up among full-time and part-time students as well as first-year students. The largest areas of increase include transfer students at 58.3% and out-of-state students at 39.4%.

“Our goal has been and remains for North Central Missouri College to provide an education that is affordable, attainable, and readily available,” said President Dr. Lenny Klaver. “Through our expansion efforts, new academic programs, building projects, educational partnerships, and more extracurricular activities, we have listened to understand how to better meet the educational needs of the region.”

NCMC enrollment for fall 2022 is 1,770, compared to 1,643 in fall 2021. Credit hours are 16,879, compared to 15,774 in fall 2021. NCMC focused on the expansion into Buchanan County and the upcoming Savannah campus. This fall, NCMC launched new paramedic programs in radiological and surgical technology, a new specialization in business and computer science, and new certificates in entrepreneurship and robotics.

NCMC has also focused on support programs such as the addition of another TRIO program, Talent Search, emphasizing the tutoring center and testing, and a full-time counselor while continuing to keep tuition fees low. In recent years, NCMC has added extracurricular activities such as Dance Wave, Livestock Judging, Esports, and Trap Shooting Sports. NCMC has also added new educational partnerships with the return of Graceland University, offering educational classes at NCMC’s main campus and partnering with Missouri Western State University in a Pirates2Griffons collaboration.

“It’s so exciting to see the growth this year, especially among transfer students,” said Megan Pester, Director of Marketing and Admissions. “Between 40 different degree programs to choose from, our multiple locations from which to take courses from as well as online options and affordable tuition, you simply can’t go wrong being a hacker. We continue to refocus our recruitment efforts, and I can say that our approach and efforts to personalize a student’s experience with NCMC are paying off. I am very happy that students choose NCMC to pursue their studies.

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