Penn State Joins FedEx Educational Program for Ground and Express Shipping

PARI UNIVERSITY, Pennsylvania — Starting July 1, all Penn State campuses will use FedEx as their preferred shipping partner for all ground and express shipments. Joining the FedEx Education Program allows Penn State access to greater savings for shipping services.

The Multimedia and Print Center (MPC) can receive your parcels in two ways. After visiting the MPC website and completing the shipping form, packages can be dropped off in your building’s mailroom with a completed form, and an MPC delivery driver will pick them up during regular deliveries. Completed forms and packages can also be taken to Courier Services in the Hostetter Business Services building on the University Park campus, specifically the loading dock at the rear of the building. Packages must be dropped off at the Services Road location by 4:00 p.m. Monday through Friday to ensure daily pickup.

FedEx coordinates with Commonwealth campuses for their ground and express shipping needs. A solution to meet the parcel shipping needs of remote workers and those traveling to college is in development. Additional information on procedures and instructions will be available soon.

For assistance with special shipping arrangements, ministry staff assistants should be contacted. For additional questions, contact Tami Feese at

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