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Education plays a crucial role in society. Polytec is proud to offer this program because it supports the positive effect of education on future generations. In order to empower today’s students, PolyLab has been designed with advanced tools for measuring vibrations.

Polytec’s goal is to educate students and provide educational institutions like schools, universities and colleges with the potential to improve labs and classrooms using the latest metrology methods for free.

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What is PolyLab?

PolyLab is a turnkey educational kit accessible to students as an experimental framework and covering concepts such as vibration testing and modal parameters (damping, natural frequency and modal deformities).

Several test stations will be shipped to your facility, each with test items, a portable VibroGo® vibrometer and a lab tutorial including relevant content and exciting experiences.

As it is simple to use and offers the ability to fully digital non-contact vibration measurement, students will enjoy working with the VibroGo®. It also includes analog data acquisition for visualization of transfer functions among many other features.

The PolyLab educational program - Teaching students about vibration measurement

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Included in the kit

  • Practice tests and demonstrative experiments in a detailed script to teach vibration testing and measure parameters such as resonant frequency, damping and deflection.
  • Choice for the acquisition and analysis of digital and analog data with Polytec VibSoft software.
  • The VibroGo portable laser Doppler vibrometer®, which measures the actual vibrational behavior, dynamics and acoustics of excited structures via a flexible, non-contact method, with a wide frequency band from DC to 100 kHz.

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Support from Polytec experts, including lectures showing the use of Laser Doppler vibrometer technology to solve vital engineering tasks. Practical examples of how the technology is used for a variety of applications are also included. Some of them are:

This information was obtained, reviewed and adapted from documents provided by Polytec.

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