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The new partnership signals an expansion of RMIT’s presence in the Asia-Pacific region and builds on the University’s reputation as a trusted partner that helps governments address critical skills gaps in the workforce. -work.

Infinite Learning is the educational division of Infinite Studios (IS), which is part of the group that owns and operates Nongsa Digital Park (NDP). Infinite Studios is a global media leader in television, film and animation and works with international giants such as Warner Media, Disney and Netflix.

The NPD is also home to tech giant Apple as well as other global digital innovators and start-ups, opening the door to potential new collaborations and partnerships.

The University’s College of Vocational Education will initially deliver two intensive cybersecurity courses to the local workforce to address the skills gaps in the workforce.

Global Deputy Vice Chancellor Professor Peter Coloe said RMIT has decades of partnerships in the Asian region where it is a recognized leader in technology, design and business.

“For more than 30 years, RMIT has played an active role in the Asia-Pacific region, providing education with our partner institutions and responding to the needs of governments.

“It’s exciting to know that the students of our new cybersecurity courses will join a cohort of 50,000 alumni in the region.

“This new partnership with Infinite Learning also positions RMIT in the Asia-Pacific digital epicenter.

RMIT Vocational College Deputy Vice Chancellor Mish Eastman said the university is a leader in lifelong learning and skills development.

“That’s what RMIT does so well – providing learning partnerships to help companies improve their skills for current and future jobs. “

“We know that the cybersecurity courses we offer through Infinite Learning hit the mark with the most requested and relevant professional training. “

Eastman said the partnership would also open the possibility for future course offerings in priority areas of digital innovation.

Mike Wiluan, CEO of IS and NDP, said the NDP is proud to have RMIT join its developing ecosystem of top educators, budding innovators and growing digital businesses.

“With a base at NPD, RMIT will offer unique professional courses to a market that has demonstrated needs and opportunities in a rapidly changing digital industry.

“This cooperation with Infinite Learning will provide a tangible parallel opportunity for students to learn while being directly exposed to the industry, thus keeping the skills always relevant. We look forward to a long and exciting journey of discovery together ”.

NPD and IS Senior Executive Director Marco Bardelli said the NPD is a melting pot of digital talent serving local and foreign start-ups, multinationals and tech entrepreneurs.

“RMIT’s membership in the NPD is great news for our ecosystem. Our goal is to educate and prepare more Indonesian talent so that they can contribute to the rapid growth of the country’s digital economy sector. “

The NPD is located on the island of Batam, Indonesia, the place described by Indonesian President Jokowi as the “digital bridge” connecting Indonesia with Singapore and the rest of the world.

The technology hub was granted Special Economic Zone (SEZ) status by the Indonesian government in 2020 and benefits from high-quality broadband connectivity.

The College of Vocational Education’s new crash courses in cybersecurity will begin in early 2022 with access largely determined by local governments and businesses.

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