Rutgers Surgeon spearheads innovative educational program for surgical residents

Newswise – Nell Maloney Patel, MD, Director of the General Surgery Residency Program and Associate Professor at Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical School, has been admitted to the American College of Surgeons Academy of Master Surgeon Educators, a prestigious group of educators nationally recognized surgical procedures.

The academy recognizes surgeon educators who have played a leading role in advancing the science and practice of surgical education and training. As part of her membership, Dr. Maloney Patel will be actively involved in preparing surgical education programs and planning for the future of surgical education, along with other leading thought leaders in the field.

Humbled by the academy’s appointment, Dr Maloney Patel shares: “Impacting the next generation of surgeons is the most rewarding and exciting part of my career. I love to see students and residents improve and further develop their passion in the field. I am honored to be part of a group of surgical educators whom I truly admire and who share my dedication to teaching.

Dr. Maloney Patel chose a career in surgery because it could have an immediate and lasting impact on patients. She has also been continually inspired by surgical patients in their determination, resilience and strength. Along with her surgical responsibilities, from her own home, Dr. Maloney Patel has been active in surgical education. In her current role, she uses innovative and inspiring ways to teach surgical principles and techniques to 43 residents as well as medical students.

According to President of Surgery Leonard Lee, MD, who nominated Dr. Maloney Patel for the Academy of Surgical Educators, “One of Dr. Maloney Patel’s real strengths is his ability to creatively respond to residents’ concerns about specific challenges. She finds innovative solutions to problems using a variety of educational techniques.

Dr. Maloney Patel helped transform medical education at Rutgers’ Department of Surgery by prioritizing individualized development and resident leadership, including creating a formal leadership program. She has designed and used individual educational plans that focus on the goals of each resident and then provides instruction on areas of importance to the resident.

Dr. Maloney Patel explains, “Our residents are hardworking, smart and excellent. My job is to help them identify where they would like to take their career and lead them to this leaflet. It’s not always the same for everyone, so individualization is the key.

Dr. Maloney Patel sees her role as an educator not only to promote the professional development of residents, but also to assist caring and compassionate surgeons. She says, “Our surgical residents are the people who will take care of me and my family later. I want to help them become curious, excellent and caring so that they can provide exceptional patient care. Laying the groundwork for this work is incredibly rewarding. “

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