Santa Barbara nonprofit focuses on providing educational assistance to disadvantaged youth

By Lyle Medved

On his website, Equal Learning Fund lists its lofty vision as “a world where education is accessible to all,” quite ambitious for an organization just approaching its second year. But, when you look further on its website, you will see that its model is solid and scalable.

I had the opportunity to speak with the founder, Hannah Huelin-Meek. She shared that while Equal Learning Fund is still in its infancy and primarily focused on the California market, the hope is that the organization will be able to adapt its current model to meet national and international needs in the future. ‘coming.

Equal Learning Fund is an impartial organization that promotes fairness for all children who need extra help. Helping to provide education funds, school supplies, program support and outreach, Equal Learning Fund works primarily with homeless and disadvantaged youth. In addition to providing essential support, the organization also works to educate local communities and families about the impacts of socio-economic gaps within the education sector. Because the organization relies heavily on volunteers and works through community partnerships (so as not to “reinvent the wheel”), 80-90 cents of every dollar raised directly provides educational support to those who need it. most needed.

If you follow Equal Learning Fund on social media (especially Facebook), you will discover notable achievements. But don’t forget that this is an extra help needed to give all students equal access to education.

Local business ProductPlan has raised enough funds to provide 230 underprivileged children with backpacks and school supplies. (courtesy photo)

If you’re looking to get involved, there are plenty of ways to give back. People can donate, volunteer, sponsor fundraisers or help spread the word. There are also a variety of volunteer positions, virtual or in person. Equal Learning Fund strives to find the right fit for every individual and their interests, ranging from reading to children, helping to raise funds, acting as an ambassador or helping with in-person events like fundraisers. books or backpack stuffing events.

“A world where education is accessible to all” – a cause the Equal Learning Fund has been pursuing since the start of 2021. If its success to date is any indication – such a world would indeed be a better place.

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