State Approves License and Special Education Programs

(photo courtesy of Gary Schools)

The Indiana State Board of Education has given final approval for an alternate route license to expand Indiana’s pipeline of special education teachers. The SBOE has also approved two special education programs that will provide a transition into teaching programs for individuals with bachelor’s degrees who wish to become special education teachers.

The council says the alternate route license allows special education teachers who previously worked on an emergency license to continue teaching while obtaining a professional special education educator license or an addition to their existing license.

“Of our 1.12 million students, nearly 16 percent of our students receive special education services,” said Dr. Katie Jenner, Indiana Secretary of Education. “Since we know that teachers are one of the most important elements in maximizing the learning and development of our students, it is essential that we continue to recruit, train and retain our educators in the classroom. Through a new licensing option, approval of additional transition to teaching programs, and financial assistance to support the training of our current and future special education teachers, we are committed to supporting our local schools. as we seek to grow the pool of educators in this high-level field. area of ​​demand.

The SBOE says the alternate route license is valid for three years, during which time participants will work to complete all requirements for professional licensing. The program requires an educator to have a bachelor’s degree, be employed by an Indiana school, and be enrolled in an alternative special education program.

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