The 5 Best Universities in the World to Study Nanotechnology

Nanotechnology has taken the scientific world by storm. Many of us have heard about it in the media, but may not really know what it is. So, let us give you a brief idea. It is a field of science related to the study and development of things as small as atoms. Nanotechnology becomes “nano”, literally, and tries to study the tiniest elements of the world and use the knowledge in a real-time environment. The usefulness of nanotechnology has been found in protecting the environment, solving health problems, etc. There are many possibilities in nanotechnology because of its enormous potential to transform human lives – and you can study it at many universities around the world. Speaking of universities, there are quite a few that offer courses in nanotechnology. But, as the title suggests, we’re going to stick with the best in town.

If you want to explore nanotechnology and make a career out of it, you should apply to these universities:

  1. Nanyang Technological University (NTU), Singapore
    When it comes to science and technology, Nanyang Technological University has always been an outstanding institution. It is a very prestigious university known for its immense research output and international partnerships. Currently, it is made up of many colleges such as the College of Engineering and the Graduate College. To deepen quality research, it has hosted many autonomous research institutions such as the Environmental Life Science Engineering Center and the National Institute of Education. You cannot fully understand science and technology unless you are in a place of high research output and globally recognized. Here, you won’t be disappointed. NTU has a very high number of research publications and citations.
  2. Tsinghua University, China
    A national pride of China, Tsinghua University is a globally recognized high-powered research university that has made unprecedented contributions to the field of science and technology. Consistently ranked number one in Asia and among the top 20 in the world, this will be fertile ground to nurture your interest in nanotechnology. Regarding its academic organization, it has 20 colleges and more than 50 departments, offering courses in science, literature, law and arts. In terms of research, it receives direct support from the government and has participated in numerous national projects, particularly in the field of technology. Currently, he is a valued member of many prominent groups such as the Association of Pacific Rim Universities.
  3. Georgia Institute of Technology, United States of America
    Known locally as Georgia Tech, the Georgia Institute of Technology has always been highly ranked for its science and technology courses. It is a public research university with many overseas satellite campuses. It has come a long way since it was established as a place of study solely for mechanical engineering and now offers a wide range of courses. There are 6 colleges and 31 departments in its academic structure. Its colleges include those of computer science, design, engineering, science and commerce. It runs honors programs that are considered to be among the most selective in the country. Georgia Tech regularly receives government and corporate funding and conducts research at its renowned institutes and research centers.
  4. Stanford University, United States of America
    Founded in 1891, Stanford University is one of the most coveted universities in the country. It is a designated research university that has achieved a very high status in terms of academic publications. With a strong academic program, focused on extracurricular activities, industry collaboration, and an exceptional alumni base, it has rightly found a place among the best. There are 7 schools offering courses in various fields such as law, medicine and science. Whichever stream you choose, you will end up being exposed to an entrepreneurial environment that thrives in university hallways. So choose nanotechnology here and you will have a bright future ahead of you!
  5. Peking University, China
    The last participant on the list is a member of the coveted C9 League, Peking University. Founded in 1898, it is currently among the top-ranked educational institutions in Asia and the world. China owes a lot to the innovation ability of the university as it has actively contributed to the success of Chinese people in science and technology. It has a large academic organization consisting of 30 schools and hundreds of programs, from undergraduate to doctoral. In terms of research, especially in the field of science and technology, it has surpassed many Western counterparts. It also runs research institutes such as the Institute of Social Investigation and the Beijing International Center for Mathematical Research.

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