The Academy of Entrepreneurship elected best educational program by La French Tech

EA – The Academy of Entrepreneurship was rewarded on Tuesday, September 12, during an event organized at the headquarters of the French Embassy in Romania in Bucharest. The event, dedicated to start-ups, under the theme French Tech – Romanian Touchwas organized by La French Tech, a French ecosystem dedicated to supporting new businesses.

EA – The Entrepreneurship Academy received the prize for the best educational program from La French Tech, during the event which brought together more than 600 people and where 9 Romanian start-ups and their founders were awarded prizes.

The award is a recognition of the entrepreneurial ecosystem of students’ performance in business creation in Romania and the surrounding region. The study programme, accredited in the Netherlands, applies a philosophy developed in Finland and adapted to the European university environment by the partners of Team Academy Netherlands. The founding principles of the educational model are based on teamwork and learning, application of theory in real scenarios, autonomy and interdependence.

Ioana Ceaușu, COO EA – The Entrepreneurship Academysaid : “The fact that EA – The Entrepreneurship Academy received the prize for the best entrepreneurial educational program from La French Tech honors and excites us. We consider this distinction as an international recognition of our efforts in creating an innovative educational program, at the highest global standards, in Romania, whose students and graduates have already created their own start-ups. Moreover, the prize is not only for us: the quality of an educational program is best seen in the achievements of our students and, from this point of view, we are really winners. In the past academic year, our students have made over €1.5 million in revenue from the companies they started in their first year of study, and our graduates have started some of the companies the most innovative in Romania.

At the start of the academic year, EA – The Entrepreneurship Academy will welcome 38 new students, including 30% girls and 70% boys. Compared to traditional universities, to study business and entrepreneurship at EA, those interested in applying do not take exams, but via an interactive admissions process: online application with their CV, two essays and a video , a day spent at college solving a real-life business challenge, called Start dayand a final interview.

In order to prove their entrepreneurial spirit, teenagers can apply from the 11th grade and they can pay for their tuition with the help of scholarships, financial aids and sponsorships provided by the faculty. EA – The Entrepreneurship Academy offers scholarships in the amount of 500,000 euros each year.

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