The best educational program is now available at affordable prices – Praadis Institute of Education (PIE) presents its brilliant courses at INR 7,999/

New Delhi [India], Jan 26 (ANI/PNN): Newly launched EdTech start-up, Praadis Institute of Education (PIE) has launched an excellent program. As knowledge is power, Praadis Institute of Education (PIE) is dedicated to providing the best of knowledge to students across the country.

An icing on the cake for all parents and students is the splendid educational programs of Praadis Institute of Education (PIE) at an affordable rate of INR 7,999/-. Students can now enjoy the effective curriculum of their formative years as Praadis Institute of Education (PIE) offers Kindergarten (KG)-12 curriculum at CBSE, ICSE and State Board, as well as exams competitive (NEET and JEE).

Praadis Institute of Education (PIE) has already achieved over 3 lakh downloads and 1 lakh subscribers and it is heading towards the top of the EdTech sector. Praadis Institute of Education (PIE) is a comprehensive learning application with the latest educational content available. It offers creative 4D AR educational games for middle and middle school kids. Seniors can also take advantage of the feature or logical thinking questions to test their knowledge effectively. It will also help them think critically and make better decisions.

The PIE app ensures kids of all ages can always learn while having fun. Their diverse range of groundbreaking programs for Kindergarten (KG)-12 children develop a child’s thinking ability and help them build remarkable personality with knowledge.

Praadis Institute of Education (PIE) has achieved excellence in various modes of learning, which proves to be a boon for students all over the world. It recognizes the diverse learning needs of each child and does not rationalize education with age-old rudimentary methods. Praadis Institute of Education (PIE) offers 3D educational videos and fun animated stories that make the learning and typing process for children seamless.

The interactive environment and dynamic features adhere to each child’s unique learning needs. It recognizes the fact that every child is different and therefore has a plethora of features to meet different needs. Praadis Institute of Education (PIE) allows students to plan their schedule by setting daily and weekly goals on the app. It offers personalized content that adapts to the distinct needs of each student.

They can also enjoy reading a wide variety of books through the Praadis electronic library. To increase the joy of learning, students receive challenges and rewards after solving them. Students can see their growth using assessment tests. While attending a lecture, students are free to write down important points to remember in Praadis Notes and refer to them as they see fit. A special general knowledge page has been incorporated to keep students up to date with the facts of the world.

Students can connect with teachers at any time through the Praadis Chat section and get help with all the doubts and difficulties they are facing. They have incorporated state-of-the-art technology to provide students with an adaptable range of various features.

Founder and CEO of Praadis Institute of Education (PIE), Prashant Bhatia, says: “As a parent, he realized that every child’s needs are different. In trying to educate my children, I recognized the gap in the child-rearing process. Roat learning is not equal to knowledge absorption. Therefore, after extensive research and visiting different nations of the world, I started Praadis Institution of Education which provides effective education with a versatile approach. I wanted it to be accessible to students from all walks of life and to promote a student’s overall growth. Praadis Institute of Education (PIE) therefore offers excellent educational programs for Kindergarten (KG)-12” students

The effectiveness of the Praadis Institute of Education (PIE) comes from the founders who are themselves parents and understand the demands of a child. The co-founder and CEO of Praadis

Institute of Education (PIE) Aditi Bhatia said, “With the launch of Praadis Institute of Education, our goal is to give children the opportunity to learn in a dynamic environment. Praadis Institute of Education (PIE) focuses on imparting the true essence of knowledge and does not let children abuse it. We have also made it accessible to parents and they will learn about their child’s progress with the PIE Parent app. The program is divided after a thorough search of global programs. We have integrated child psychologists and neuroscientists to identify a child’s main needs and have designed lessons and facilities accordingly.

It surely looks like Praadis Institute of Education (PIE) is going to create and capture a big chunk of the market and run on the path of being an EdTech giant by providing the best form of education. The founders are dedicated to global success. They aim to make Praadis Institute of Education (PIE) a platform where students around the world can choose to acquire the true essence of knowledge.

So what are you waiting for? Give your child the best education and enroll in the Praadis Institute of Education (PIE)

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