The ‘Safety Town’ educational program is open for registration | public safety

Registration is now open for St. Joseph’s Safety and Health Council’s “Safety Town” summer educational program.

Safety Town aims to teach preschool and school-aged children a wide variety of safety precautions.

Whether it’s learning to ride a bike, how to cross the street safely, or avoid danger from strangers, Safety Town is equipped to teach kids all of these precautions and more. Sheldon Lyon, general manager of safety and health at St. Joseph, explained the program.

“Safety Town is a miniature city that we installed in the civic arena. What it does is introduce kids to different kinds of safety,” Lyon said.

The program is aimed at children aged four to seven. There are different program options for children to learn safety skills through classroom interaction and “in town” time.

“It starts in mid-June and ends around mid-July. We have five sessions available. We have two one-day sessions for working parents. So we want to give as many kids in the community a chance to attend,” Lyon said.

Kids also have the chance to take trips to fire stations, parks, mini golf and more.

“We have a lot of activities planned in this short time, and the kids love it,” Lyon said.

Safety Town is set up by the safety council, but United Way of Greater St. Joseph helps fund the program. Teen volunteers are always needed and participation guarantees hours of community service. You can register online at

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