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The Tomah Health Community Foundation supports families struggling with educational needs in the Tomah region.

Members of the organization donated $1,500 to the Compass Learning Center in Tomah on Wednesday.

“Studies have shown that children who struggle financially or academically also struggle in other areas of their lives,” said foundation president Peter Reichardt. “By supporting Compass Learning Center and its mission, the foundation is able to help maintain a good family structure, and this goes a long way in helping them become strong citizens in the future.”

Compass Learning Center director Sheila Tracy said the donation would support the center’s scholarship program and help run 100 tutoring sessions at Tomah.

“Many of our families are looking for support with academic skills. However, they often add comments in our exit surveys thanking us for motivating their child as well, while listening to their needs,” Tracy said.

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She said families have been under additional stress since COVID-19, which has changed many educational experiences for families.

“Many of our families are feeling the pressure and stress of their children missing out on a lot of those face-to-face educational moments. Our tutors can meet with them weekly to further our goal of helping fill in the gaps and eliminate stress,” Tracy said. “We actually have several grandparents enrolling grandchildren because they’re also feeling that pressure and looking for a support system.”

Tracy said the Compass Learning Center team offers private tutoring sessions for students of all ages with licensed teachers at 310 W. Elizabeth St. in Tomah. She said that over the summer, about 20 students receive tutoring, while nearly 40 students receive services during the school year. She said families in need of tutoring can contact the center at 608-567-2521 or online at

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