Trust Markets 2022 performance reveals exceptional qualities

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, August 29, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — In 2022, Trust Markets remains one of the most transparent, secure and optimized trading platforms, continuing its own success by achieving “Best Trade Execution” and “Best Trading Conditions” in 2021, according to Global Business Magazine and World Forex Prices. Specifically, based on customer reviews on several trading forums, Trust Markets has excellent qualities such as incredibly short execution time, 24/7 global customer support and access to more of 1000 trading instruments.

Trust Markets – more than half a decade of staying relevant

The Trust Markets trading platform is one of the most popular financial services – stockbrokers for the investing community in 2022. The platform provides and supports retail traders with easy access to the largest world financial market.

So far, the brokerage company has been well positioned in the global market for six years. Founded in 2018, Trust Markets was registered and licensed with Business License No. 1848 LLC 202. The platform receives favorable reviews from experts for its quality and transparency of every trade under FSA regulations.

Complete MT5 trading platform

The fact that Trust Markets is now one of the leading forex and CFD brokers in the Vietnamese financial market allows it to provide multiple on-demand services for all investors. This includes Metatrader 5 (MT5), which is one of the best stock trading platforms to date.

With the offered MT5 platform, professional investors could work with multiple account types as well as different brokers simultaneously. For this reason, MT5 is recognized as a solid, fast and reliable benchmark platform in recent times. Additionally, Trust Markets also offers another trading platform called WebTrader. As a result, market participants in trusted markets may well benefit from the versatility of switching between platforms and vice versa.

Incredible offers and promotions

Aside from bullish and savvy market reviews, offers and promotions would be another major boost to the credibility of the broker. Justified by the dedicated mission of developing a strong investment network, it is no surprise that the Trust Markets platform has provided unique promotion programs for the Vietnamese stock market to support and stimulate inspiration.

Trust Markets offers an attractive first deposit bonus program adding up to 200% to your funds. It is a common argument among the trading community that “top notch promotions are only available at the fastest growing brokers”. That being said, Trust Markets is definitely the first choice without hesitation.

Inviting a new player would allow you and your friend to receive $500 directly to your balance on Trust Markets with no referral restrictions. The more people invited, the more incentives.

Exclusive educational program at Trust Markets

Training courses are provided exclusively in the fiduciary markets. This is a great approach to tap into the deepest knowledge of making trades, to experience the real-world challenge in the stock market with seasoned veterans, and more. Learning courses can be found in successive orders ranging from basic to advanced, which include:

  • Webinars
  • Live Online Classes
  • Video tutorials
  • Investing E-Book
  • Daily stock analysis

Professional support team available 24/7

With an emphasis on customer centricity, Trust Markets’ customer support service is designed to work “anytime, anywhere”. This is seen as a benefit to its clients due to the immediate accessibility of solutions.

About trust markets

Trust Markets is a brokerage firm specializing in providing all financial and securities investment services such as Forex, Indices, CFDs, Gold, Stocks, etc.

Trust Markets has an extensive network of connections, so it currently connects to all major exchanges around the world. Thus, traders will have the opportunity to trade with all types of assets on leading exchanges, including exchanges such as NYSE, London Stock Exchange or Nasdaq. Therefore, customers do not have to hesitate to choose or consider and compare with competing exchanges.



E-mail: [email protected]

Helpline: 1900 234 580

Business hours: 24/7

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