Truth Pharm offers an interactive and educational program for parents

BINGHAMTON (WBNG) – As the world continues to struggle with substance abuse, Truth Pharm is offering an educational program for parents and caregivers of teens to teach them about substance use in teens.

“Shawna’s Got a Secret” is designed to teach parents and caregivers about the signs of substance use in teens. Truth Pharm said this interactive program will show how to tell the difference between when teens are experimenting and when they develop problematic usage patterns that need to be addressed.

“It’s really important for parents to listen to these signs because the signs and symptoms of use change with each generation as new things come out. But right now, we find it really important to spread this education in communities because, for the first time, teen overdoses have increased in 2021,” said Courtney Hayes, project coordinator for Truth Pharm.

She said it was important to start educating parents early because of the number of deaths caused by overdoses, as the rate is increasing and some children may start experimenting with drugs at a younger age. She told 12 News the program would show parents the signs to look for.

“Part of the program, the most interesting part, is actually that it starts with a mock room, set up in such a way that all participants can sort of look for and report things that they think are signs of substance use. Then we review those in the presentation and talk about what you saw in this room and what it means to you and your children,” Courtney Hayes said.

The organization will organize this event on June 1st. For more information on how to register, please call 607-348-3302 or email

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