Understanding profitability, a recurring theme in the Wood Pro Expo Lancaster educational program

MANHEIM, Pennsylvania. — Cabinet makers, like many small businesses, do not understand their bottom line. Knowing the keys to profitability is a recurring theme in the Wood Pro Expo Lancaster educational program. The event, scheduled for October 13-14, will also cover other topics important to woodworking professionals. “We have a strong and informative conference program offered in conjunction with the WPE exhibition floor,” said Lewis Goldman, managing partner of WPE Lancaster. “The conference, including free keynote sessions, is designed to feature experienced experts discussing how professional woodworkers can grow and run their businesses more profitably,” Goldman said.

Business Focused Keynotes
Business-focused keynote presentations by veteran FDMC editor Will Sampson will open each morning of the show at 8 a.m. Sampson will kick off the first day of Wood Pro Expo Lancaster on October 13 with a presentation titled Path to Professionalism in Woodworking. Sampson will share seven important tips to propel stores to success. “Don’t make the same mistakes that so many small stores make,” Sampson said. “You don’t have to reinvent the wheel.”
Sampson will return to kick off day two of Wood Pro Expo Lancaster with his keynote titled, What’s Wrong with Pricing in Woodworking? After more than two decades of studying prices in woodworking, Sampson has learned a thing or two about why prices are so wild and variable in this industry. Learn the do’s and don’ts of pricing your work to ensure profitability and marketability.

Enjoy your cabinetry
Once again, Wood Pro Expo Lancaster is partnering with the Cabinetmakers Association to present the educational programming for Wood Pro Expo Lancaster 2022. CMA Member Greg Paolini, COO of Gregory Paolini Design, will give a presentation entitled Profit First for Cabinetmakers: Guarantee Profit from your Cabinet Shop on Friday, October 14 at 11 a.m. Profit First is a cash management system designed for small businesses. “The system is so simple, even I can follow it – and I did,” Paolini said. “Three years ago I started ‘Profit First’, and it changed my life and my business. My only regret is that I didn’t start sooner,” he said. “Many businesses, particularly cabinet makers, struggle to generate consistent and predictable profits. Every once in a while we have a very good year, with good profitable news from our CPA. Of course, we don’t really see that money, but our CPA assures us that we were profitable. And then our CPA tells us how much we have to pay to the government in taxes, out of that profit (which we haven’t really seen), and we scramble to find the money to satisfy Uncle Sam. According to Paolini, the “Profit First” system guarantees that you will be profitable every quarter from today, in perpetuity.

To see the full educational program for Wood Pro Expo Lancaster, visit woodproexpolancaster.com. For more exhibitor information, contact Lewis Goldman by email at lewis@woodworkingnetwork.com or call 800-969-2212

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