UnitedAg announces 2021 scholarship recipients

Irvine, March 6, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) –

UnitedAg today announced the winners of the AEF Foundation 2021 scholarship program. Seventy-four students from farming communities across California have won prizes ranging from $ 250 to $ 6,000. In total, the scholarship program awarded $ 81,800 this year. Applicants were rewarded based on their application, essay, education, leadership, and extracurricular activities. UnitedAg also announced the top three scholarship winners. Katherine Miller, a veterinary medicine student at the University of Edinburgh, received the Maurice McMillan Fellowship, Karli Lundberg, a major in agricultural systems management at California Polytechnic State University, SLO, the William C. Goodrich and Hanna Scully Fellowship , a major agricultural specialist in business at California State University, Chico, the Frieda Rapoport Caplan Memorial Award.

“Supporting our future agri-food professionals is the objective of the AEF foundation. In these unforeseen times, it is important that we continue to support our young people in their educational efforts. Each of these fellows demonstrated a clear commitment to their educational goals and could be our future agribusiness leaders “, said Glenn Miller, chairman of the education committee.

Fellows can use their AEF scholarship to help offset tuition, books / supplies, labs, and living expenses.

This year’s AEF scholarship winners are:

Aaron Miller, Santa Paula, California

Adrian Ortiz, Salinas, CA

Adriana Vargas Mendoza, Soledad, California

Allyson Dias, Salinas, CA

Allyson Tomasello, Salinas, CA

Alondra Sanchez, Hanford, California

America Huipio-Piedra, Hanford, California

Ana Rosa Pacheco, Santa Maria, California

Andrew Zendejas, Salinas, CA

Arturo Infante II, Castroville, California

Axel Amaro, Soledad, California

Belinda Silva Chavez, King City, California

Brad Cordova, Turlock, CA

Brandon Harden, Salinas, CA

Bryan Amaro, Visalia, California

Caleb Peltzer, Visalia, California

Camryn Mazzoni, Forestville, CA

Carson Wallace, Lindsay, CA

Catherine Regan, Santa Ana,

Cesar Avila, Salinas, California

Cesar Rivera, Ventura, California

Cristian Vargas, Soledad, California

David Gonzalez, Salinas, California

Denver Noell, Hanford, California

Doris Nogales, Santa Maria, California

Eddie Lundberg, Santa Maria, California

Edgar Lopez, Santa Paula, California

Elizabeth Miller, Santa Paula, California

Elizabeth Ramirez, Maxwell, California

Erin Doughtie, Salinas, CA

Flavio Carrillo Gonzalez, Salinas, CA

Grant Bunker, Turlock, CA

Hadassah Legaspi, Salinas, California

Hanna Scully, Finley, CA

Hannah Ryan, Turlock, CA

Isabella Argueta, Hanford, California

Jason Gonzalez, Salinas, CA

Jaydi Ramirez, Fresno, CA

Jazlin Mendoza, Visalia, California

Jazmin Ramirez, Santa Maria, California

Jenna Santos, Santa Maria, California

Jenna Stehly, Valley Center, CA

Jessica Cordova, King City, California

Jesus Pizano, Salinas, California

Jonathan Morales, Salinas, CA

Julia Hicks, Salinas, CA

Julissa Zendejas, Salinas, CA

Junelle Aubrey, Salinas, CA

Karli Lundberg, Santa Maria, California

Katherine Miller, Santa Paula, California

Katya Padilla, San Juan Bautista, California

Kevin Gonzalez, Salinas, CA

Kimberly Castro Calderón, Santa Maria, California

Lacy Litten, Santa Maria, California

Layla Ruiz, Salinas, CA

Logan Erickson, Salinas, CA

Luke Brigantino, San Juan Bautista, California

Luke Tyson, Turlock, CA

Madelynn Reed, Reedley, CA

Madison Thacher, Paso Robles, California

Maria Miranda, Santa Maria, California

Marlaina Lascano, Turlock, California

Miranda Devan, Salinas, CA

Miriam Garcia Cendejas, Salinas, California

Olga Bahena, Hanford, California

Rachel Roberts, Salinas, CA

Rogelio Garcia, Hanford, California

Sandy Rubio, Firebaugh, CA

Savannah Noell, Hanford, California

Sierra Dorf-Cardenas, Salinas, California

Sydney Noell, Hanford, California

Sylvia Hernandez, Rutherford, California

Venissia Garcia, Hanford, California

Yesenia Solis, Soledad, California

About AEF

For over 21 years, the Agribusiness Education Foundation (AEF) has provided financial assistance to UnitedAg members and their employee dependents of over $ 1.6 million to over 1,000 college students. two and four years to graduate studies. The member-sponsored scholarship program empowers the farming community through financial assistance and leadership programs. For more information, visit unitedag.org.

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